In the interview

(the boss looks at the magazine)


Hm, excellent. That's good. (stops seeing the magazine) Well, everything seems to check out. Congratulations: You're hired.


Oh, my god. Thank you so (farts)...

Narrator: (stops the tape) Are you tired of having your life ruined by a little passing of gas? (plays the tape)

Boss: Get outta here! You're fired!


Narrator: (stops the tape) The pungent smell of someone's air biscuit is enough to sour relationships.

In the girlfriend's house

(the ginger farts and Lacy slaps him)

Near an apartment building

Narrator: Take your image.

(the ginger farted and the models laughed at him)

In a Mexican restaurant

Narrator: And ruin some fat guy's food.

(the ginger farted, disturbing the fat guy)

Fat guy: (spit his food out) Plah. Gross!

Narrator: (stops the tape) Now there's a solution! (gets out the restaurant) The gas buster. The gas buster is a simple to use portable device that will the scent of those smelly bootie-bombs. Using the gas buster is as easy as one-two-three. One: Tighten the strap. Two: Secure the gas buster to your buttocks. Three: Turn on the padded set ventilator. Four... Enjoy your life free the life of toxic gas. The gas buster is perfect for any occasion such as in the elevator.

(The narrator tells the places)

(An executive farts, but the gas buster changes the scent and the boss thinks it smells good)

Narrator: In the jacuzzi.

(Tony farts, but the device changes the scent and Adrian thinks it smells good)

Narrator: And meeting the parents.

In Lacy's parents' house

(Lacy farts, but the device changes the scent and the father thinks it smells, good thinking it is the boyfriend)

Father: Mmmm, I like this boy, Lacy.

Lacy: Actually, that was me, Dad.

Father: Nice!

Ginger: I like this family.

Audience: Gas buster!

In a restaurant

Narrator: Gas Buster comes in the following scents. (shows 137 different scents in less than a second) Try to collect them all.

(the ginger farts)

Lacy: Mm, what scent is that?

Ginger: Tropical breeze.

Lacy: Smell mine. (farts)

Ginger: Vanilla sunrise.

Lacy: Yep.

Ginger: God, you are so hot.

(they try to kiss each other, but they both can't because of the device)

Audience: Gas buster!

Narrator: And for the music fans out there, the gas buster deluxe can turn your barking spiders into blasting beats.

In a presentation

Boss: We need to focus here, people, or this company's gonna seriously fail. (he farts)

(the device plays music)

Singer: Oh yeah; drop that ass.  Make that bootie pop, girl.  Shaka shaka shaka wayka wayka wayka ass air for life!  Uh!

(the music stops)

Boss: Sorry, guys.  (farts again)

Singer: Ass ass ass ass!  Jiggle wiggy!  Rap music has gone real unoriginal.

(the wannabe sees the video and comments)


Narrator: If you don't think fart jokes are funny, (speaks softly) f**k youuuuuuuu. (farts)

Audience: Gas buster!

Deleted Scene #1

In the presentaton

(the music stops)

Boss: What, you guys don't like Fuggy McGreypants?  It's my favorite artist.  Talks about ass and jiggles.

Deleted Scene #2

In the interview

(the boss checks the magazine)

Boss: That's good. (stops checking the magazine) Well, everything seems to check out.  Congratulations; you're hired.

Ginger: Oh thank... (farts)

Boss: Oh my god.  Ah, did you just what I think you just did?!

Ginger: It---- Do you have a different pair of underwear I can change into?

Boss: Nah.  Well, you can change into these.  I have some of my cabinet.

Ginger: Okay.