Games We Never Finished is the seventy-ninth installment of the Smosh Games series Why We're Single.


Lasercorn, Sohinki and Jovenshire discuss the video games they just didn't get around to completing.

Pick 1

Sohinki tells us he didn't finish Mass Effect 2 because he found it boring

Pick 2

Jovenshire tells us that if he didn't get a girlfriend, he would have finished Mass Effect 3.

Pick 3

Lasercorn apologises to the viewers for not liking Batman: Arkham Origins.

Pick 4

Sohinki tells us that despite being a fan of the Half Life series, he never finished Half Life 2 and still doesn't know how it finished.

Pick 5

Jovenshire complains about the lack of Zombies in certain parts of Resident Evil 6.

Pick 6

Lasercorn gives props to the Multiplayer mode in Grand Theft Auto V but tells the viewer that it has stopped him from completing the actual main game (while still telling us it's "Worth it").

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