"I like hugging girls. You can feel their bresteses on your chesteses. SHUT UP!"
Guys' Guide to Hugging Guys
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April 6, 2012 (Smosh)
April 8, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Anthony, Ian, Pat Naylor, Manspider, Barry, Fabian, John

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GUYS' GUIDE TO HUGGING GUYS is a Smosh video uploaded on April 6, 2012.


Are you a guy feeling awkward on how to appropriately hug other guys? Hugging sensei Pat Naylor shows you in this guide how to hug other guys in the perfect manner.



Anthony is saying good-bye to his two friends, John and "Barry" (played by the actor of Peter Peter). But after he hugs John, "Barry" opens his arms. Anthony becomes confused to whether or not "Barry" is trying to give him a hug or a handshake. He thinks that Harry might assume that, since he hugged John, that he's the type of person who hugs everyone. Anthony then decides on giving him a handshake, but he sees that "Barry" has two arms out for a hug. Anthony continually tries to decide between the two, only to end up hitting "Barry" in the stomach. He tries to apologize, but instead runs away, embarrassed. Hugging sensei Pat Naylor comes in and tells the viewer that he's there to help.

Deleted Scene

Anthony thanks Harry, but calls him "Barry." Harry corrected him and Anthony thought something was hairy. He said Harry was his name and Anthony was relieved until, the actual problem.

The Guide

Pat (played by Ian Hecox) says that, "Aside from morning wood, hugging can be the most stressful and confusing thing a man will face on a daily basis." But he reassures the viewers that he'll help them hug appropriately without any awkwardness.

Pat says that men should only hug their close friends. He gives three easy ways to determine if you're close friends with a guy or not. The first example of knowing is by fighting over the last potato chip at least once. In an example, Ian and Anthony are fighting over the last potato chip, when Anthony suggests that they just split it. Anthony proceeds to do so with a laser from his watch. Pat also says that another sign of close friendship is accidentally wearing the same shirt. In another example, Ian and Anthony notice that they're both wearing the same Despicable Me Minion shirt. Pat's final way is mistakenly seeing the guy's penis. In a third example, Ian comes out of the bathroom naked, and Anthony sees this and screams. Pat adds that it should also happen twice, so in the last example, Ian is dancing, with no pants, next to Anthony, saying, "I told you I could do the helicopter!"

Pat tells the viewer that there should be very little hugging duration, and that there should never be any hang time between full embrace and departure, or else things may get uncomfortable. In an example, Anthony and Barry hug for a full 4 minutes, and Barry ends up crying. Pat also tells the viewers about hand usage in a hug. When patting a man's back, you are telling him, "You're a good friend, but don't get the wrong idea, Slim." When holding your hand solidly, you are telling him, "You're a really good friend, and I know we aren't attracted to each other at all." When you grab his flesh and/or butt, you're telling him, "F*** ME! F*** ME RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW!" Pat warns that most of your straight friends won't appreciate this and depending on how ugly you are, some of your gay friends might not even like it. Fabian pushes Anthony out of his grasp while saying, "Ew! Keep dreaming, bitch!"

Pat then tells the viewers about the type of hugs you should never do. These hugs include the side hug, hugging from the side; the gap hug, bending over to hug and only acceptable if you have a boner; the Spider-man hug, hugging from upside down; the Manspider hug, hugging while wearing a spider costume; the leg hug, hugging from the leg; and the butt hug, two butts touching. Pat also especially warns to never hug naked. To demonstrate, two guys come up from behind him and take Pat's robe off, which was apparently the only piece of clothing he was wearing, and he proceeds to hug Anthony, who yells "MOOLESTER!"

Pat ends up in jail and tells the viewer to tune in next time for Guys' Guide to Spooning Guys. He waves good bye, but T-Bone in the same bed tells him to shut up. Pat pleadingly listens to him, then T-Bone wants Pat to call him "Daddy." Pat says, "Okay, Big Daddy," in which T-Bone looks seductively at Pat.

Deleted Scene

Pat tells the viewers that if a girl doesn't want to hug you, it could mean one of three things. You could be creepy, you could smell, or she's just a f***ing bitch.




  • Pat Naylor's fate in the end of this video is similar to that of George Zazz in TEENS IN THE WILD!
    • Coincidentally, both George and Pat are both played by Ian.
  • At random points in the karate class, you can see two fitness balls and a punching bag pushed together, most likely to look like a penis.
    • Also, there were kids punching soft blocks and hugging the people holding the boards.
  • Anthony shouts the word "MOOLESTER!" at the end. It was previously used in WTF! I'm Old! and HOW TO HIDE A B0NER IN PUBLIC!
  • Anthony's new friend Harry is played by a Smosh extra, who is seen mainly in every 2011-2012 Smosh video since OUR VIDEO IDEAS STOLEN!.
  • "Big Spence" who played T-bone was the black guy from HOW TO COVER UP A MURDER, who was the Black Guy who was killed by Raptors in Jurassic Park: The Lost World (I'm not making this up).
  • The sequel to this episode, "GUY'S GUIDE TO BEING MANLY", was uploaded on January 17, 2014.
  • Manspider, from the demonstration of "the Manspider hug," appears again in a later video of the same name.
  • When Anthony demonstrated "the gap hug," under the words it says "Only acceptable if you have a boner."
  • Manspider makes a cameo as a hug

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"Thanks for subscribing! Anybody want a hug? Anybody? Anyone? Please? I'm so lonely..."




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