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October 24, 2014 (Smosh)
October 26, 2014 (El Smosh and Smosh France)

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Ian, Anthony

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Anthony Padilla
Ian Hecox
Ryan Finnerty

GUNS SUCK is a Smosh video uploaded on October 24, 2014.


What would your favorite movies and TV shows look like WITHOUT GUNS? A lot less badass, that's for sure.


Before the video, there is a small disclaimer:

"To curb gun violence, a new law has passed, banning guns in entertainment. Let's take a look at how the entertainment industry is handling this news"

After the disclaimer, an executive (Ian) is at a table with other execs (Anthony, Chris Newell, and Tom Hart) screaming and throwing a binder; then stating they need to come up with a replacement idea fast since every movie they've made has a gun in it. To ensure security and so nobody else leaves, the manager states he's locked all the doors until somebody comes up with an idea.

A nerdy executive comes up with an idea that instead of guns, people give each other "titty-twisters". The manager then yells at him, saying that titty-twisters are not real weapons. Nerdy exec then says to himself "They emotionally scarred me in high school".

The manager then says he needs someone to come up with an idea or else they're fired. He then asks one of the other executives what he has. The executive then gets an idea after seeing the cowboy magazine being held by the exec across from him.

Generic Cowboy Movie [Without Guns]

Two cowboys (Ian and Anthony) are seen scowling before one of them shouts "Draw!". They both take off one of their boots and run to each other screaming. Both cowboys reach each other face-to-face, then start using their heelspurs as weapons. One of them then says to keep rubbing the spur back and forth, apparently enjoying it.

Cutting back to the office, the manager comments that the idea was almost as good as Robin Thicke's newest album. After asking if it's good, the manager yells "F**K NO!" to the exec who suggested it. The Manager then demands an idea from an older executive, or else he'll push him into a pit "like that Roman guy from 300" . The nerdy exec then corrects the manager, saying the 'Roman guy' was actually a Spartan. The manager then fires the Nerdy Executive. The older executive, after seeing the manager standing in a very bubbly foot bath, suggests they use something (before being cut off by the next scene)

The Walking Dead [Without Guns]

Carl and Rick (Ian and Anthony) are in an alleyway, Rick telling Carl they can't let 'the walkers' get them. Carl then uses a bubble-blowing gun as a weapon against the zombie. This ultimately fails, and Carl is attacked by the zombie as Rick adds on that he doesn't think it's working.

Cutting back to the office, the manager dismisses the idea, saying that zombies are a stupid fad, just like Twilight (as both executives cover up their "Team Jacob" and "Team Edward" shirts) or women's rights. An executive at the end of the table opposite the manager then says that he thinks he's 'cracked it'.

Stupid Alien Invasion Movie [Without Guns]

Two guys are in a room, scared by an alien. One throws water onto the alien as it says the water is killing him and he "totally didn't see that twist coming". The two guys then high five each other.

Once again, the manager dismisses that idea. While the camera reveals that the other executive was M. Night Shyamalan (Played by DeWayne Robinson), the manager asks who let him in the room. M. Night then leaves, saying that at the end of his next movie, he'll have "a superhuman kid running from killer trees because he sees dead people". The manager says he's combining the plots from all his other movies. M. Night then angrily disagrees then leaves.

The manager then decides to give up "like kids in the Neverland Ranch", until the nerdy exec (whom is found under the table and explains why he's under there), suggests:

Random Bank Robbery Movie [Without Guns]

A robber (Anthony) holds up a soda can, about to use it as a weapon, saying "This is a robbery!". The bank owner (Ian) tells him to take whatever he wants, just to not get him sticky; "like a kid in the Neverland ranch"

Interrupting the scene, the manager, angry that someone stole his "kid in the Neverland ranch" joke, asks if Carlos Mencia is in the room

Back to the scene of the bank robbery, the bank owner asks the robber not to get him sticky "like a piece of Scotch tape"..

The manager once again dismisses the idea, then pulls out a gun while saying that they're all going to get fired since nobody has any good ideas. The older exec then objects, saying the glorification of gun violence has driven the manager to shoot them. After the manager says his desire for the old exec to shut the f*ck up has driven him to shoot them. M. Night Shyamalan walks back in, saying that he "just found out his boss is an alien, and his one weakness was titty-twisters" while describing it like a movie plot. M. Night is then shot, putting it as "another stunning twist". M. Night falls dead on the floor. The manager and the Nerdy exec then realize that the titty-twisters were really emotionally scarring.


Guns Suck/Script

Shut Up! Opening



  • This is another video in the "SUCKS!" series
  • The manager has his shirt untucked, clearly seen in the beginning of the video
  • Tom Hart appears in this video as the older executive; Hart is best known for playing Old Ian and The Landlord in the Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig Trilogy 1/2 (1 to 3.5).
  • On the table in the "Stupid Alien Invasion Movie" scene is a photo of Ian as a Girl, used in previous videos.





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