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April 19, 2013 (Smosh)
April 21, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Rasta, woman

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GOOGLE GLASS SUCKS! is the sixteenth episode of Season 2013 of Smosh. It was uploaded on April 19, 2013.


Ian now wears glasses powered by Google, but the glasses give him difficulties, making life harder.


We begin at 9 A.M. Ian woke up and was ready for the day! However, he was wondering what was on his face, and Anthony, said they were Google Glass, a new piece of technology that will change everyone's lives.

9:14 A.M. 46 minutes until 10:00 

Ian get's an upcoming call from the real Anthony, he answers the call, and Anthony wants to meet Ian at the park at 10:00 and said that he wants to show him something, he agrees, but Anthony sees Ian pooping. Anthony asks "Are you taking a dump?" Ian says no, but Anthony sees him on video chat. Anthony asks Ian if he can meet him at the park at 10:00. Ian says he will.

9:22 A.M. 38 minutes until 10:00

Ian is seen walking down the street going to the park, but his vision is blocked by pop-up ads based on the wearer's browser history. He tries to make them go away, but bumps into a baby stroller and the woman with the baby pushes him and falls on the pavement. Glass told him to purchase a band-aid for his wound, and found the best deals on ebay and asks him if he wants to purchase one, but Ian declines the offer and says he is bleeding now, the Glass understands and showed all the results for band-aids within a 5-mile radius. Ian bumps into the woman again and she tazers Ian, he falls down to the grass and the woman leaves.

9:35 A.M. 25 minutes until 10:00

Now he is trying a map to go to the park, with full navigation, but they made him turn left, then right, and made him keep on walking forward, bumping into a wall several times.

9:39 A.M. 21 minutes untill 10:00

Ian gets another video call from Anthony and asks him if he is almost at the park, Ian has now idea where he is going, then asks him what happened to his face, and Ian said he ran in that wall so many times. Ian gets 2 reminders from Anthony. (If you look at Ian on the street, dodging cars, look close at his nose, he will have a giant gauze band-aid on his nose)

"Get chicken nuggets", and "Take a picture of the mural on Jefferson Street."

9:46 A.M.

Ian was getting the camera ready, but it was losing it's focus, Ian tried to wipe off something to make them work. However, the camera took a picture of his belly,and he was frustrated that it was not the right photo, Anthony gets the belly picture and is c confused and says "What the fu..".

9:52 A.M. Only 8 more minutes until it is time

Ian is walking down the street and finds a chicken nugget stall, and gives the guy $1.00 for only one chicken nugget, the Glass was anilyzing the ingredients in the nugget, and it contained Chicken Breast, Breadcrumbs, Lard Plastic, Sawdust, Pig Rectum, Horse Placenta, Whale Semen and finaly Rat fecal matter, which caused Ian to puke out the piece he ate.

10:01 A.M. 1 minute above 10:00

Ian arrives at the park, Anthony tells him that he is 1 minute late, Ian apologizes and it wallege Glass' fault and all that Anthony wanted was some nuggets, but then exclaims to Ian if he took a bite out of it, and puke, but Ian takes off without telling everything before 10:00. He tells the Glass to give him results for a plastic surgeon to fix his nose, but the Glass only have a 1 hour battery life limit, they were done unless Ian charged them, but then bumps into the woman one last time and used the baby (doll) as a weapon to hit Ian mutiple times and the fake Anthony said if people are ready for the future.

Deleted Scene #1

After Ian eats the chicken nugget, he spits it asking the raster why he put fecal matter in it. The raster said that he only put a little bit of it in the chicken because he ran out of toilet paper. Ian still thought it tasted good ,and the raster thought it was a good deal saying: "A dollar can make Honey Boo Boo holler."

Deleted Scene #2

Ian thought the chicken was good, but he couldn't pay for it. The raster made a deal that he could pay Ian one dollar to have Ian feed him the chicken nugget like a baby bird. Ian starts to spit out parts of the nugget and runs away laughing.


Google Glass Sucks!/Script



  • Instead of saying "Take a picture of mural on Jefferson Street.", it said, "Take a pitcher of manure to Jeff's son's skeet."
  • The fetal matter was from a rat and not the raster.
  • Here are a list of the ads that popped up:
    • Winning a free 8GB iPod Nano
    • Mama Geno's Pizza Place
    • Ghost Recen (computer game)
    • Penis Expansion Technology
    • Bowl Gaine (hair gel)
    • Buy one get one free badger trap
    • One pack of adult diapers.
  • At the end of the video, while the sound of the woman beating up Ian with the baby is heard, and while the Google Glass logo is on, we hear a glass crack sound, in which some parts of the logo gets cracked.
  • This was to promote the Google Glasses.


  • The Chicken Nugget Sign Reappeared in Chips Ghost

Shut Up! Opening

I love having technology strapped to my face. SHUT UP!

Subscription Ending

Thanks for subscribing. Now subscribing you to videos of fat girls twerking. NO NO, I DON'T WANT THAT! OH GOD!


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