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October 12, 2012 (Smosh)
October 14, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Jerry, Jerry's Girlfriend

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GAMER GETS TROLL'D is a Smosh video uploaded on October 12, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: Ian and Anthony have to get rid of Anthony's Call of Duty obsessed cousin Jerry and they do it by trolling him. Will it work or will it fail?



Ian comes in and tells Anthony that Jerry (played by Anthony) needs to leave, complaining that he is always playing Call of Duty every time Ian wanted to use the TV. Anthony agrees, thinking that it was supposed to be a temporary thing until he got a job. Ian suggests that they could always kill him, but Anthony says no, saying that he is his cousin and his mom would be pissed. Anthony then suggests that they troll him so hard that Jerry wouldn't want to play at their house ever again. Ian agrees and tells him to get started, but Anthony tells Ian that he needs to finish getting dressed, and it is revealed that he had no pants (or underpants) on. Ian simply leaves the room to let Anthony finish dressing.

Troll #1: The Telephone

While Jerry yells into his microphone as he plays, Anthony uses his own phone to call Jerry. Anthony says that it could be a job, but Jerry doesn't care, saying that the unemployment checks are all he needs and thanks the government for paying him to play Call of Duty. Ian calls Jerry's phone, saying that it could be that hot girl from class. Jerry says that she was "a four out of ten at best." Anthony then calls again, saying that Jerry's mom was supposed to call today. Jerry picks up the phone and yells at the phone saying that he is "pwning noobs." His avatar dies, making him say to the telephone that she made him get killed. Thinking that he hates her, he wishes she was never born.

[Deleted Clip]

After Jerry wishes his mom had never been born, Anthony tells Jerry that he wouldn't be born. Ian then says that only losers have moms, which Anthony agrees to, leading Ian to call Jerry an idiot.

Troll #2: The Girlfriend

The girl watches Jerry play and shows her disapproval of him constantly playing the game and the game itself. She argues that all players do in Call of Duty is kill people and Jerry retaliates by saying that all she does is "be a bitch." He yells at her to leave and shouts, "GIRLFRIENDS ARE SO GAY!" Ian, Anthony and the girl high five for their successful trolling.

[Deleted Clip]

After Anthony, the girl, and Ian high fived, Jerry gets upset that he lost his killing streak and madly hopes the girl is happy.

Troll #3: The Sex Change

Jerry logs on to World of Warcraft, bragging that his Paladin is going to reach level 80. However, he is shocked when he sees that his character was changed into a girl. Jerry expresses his anger by yelling, "GIRLS ARE SO GAY!"

Troll #4: The Modem

Jerry yells into his game once again when Ian asks Anthony if the router he's holding is the one for their internet. Anthony says it is and Ian throws it on the ground in slow motion, breaking it. Ian and Anthony stomp on it, punch it and beat it with a baseball bat (all in slow motion with rap music playing in the background). Ian wanted to do further damage, but Anthony restrained him. Meanwhile, while Jerry yells into his game, his game suddenly disconnects. He then screams in horror.

Troll #5: The Wii-Placement

Ian tells Jerry that he felt bad about the "mysterious disappearance of your Xbox" and cheered him up by getting him a Wii. Ian says that Jerry could play tennis, but Jerry yells, "WHAT THE F**K IS THIS KINDERGARTEN BULLSH**!?" Ian says that it's working, saying that "he's way too insecure about his masculinity to play a game like that." However, Anthony assumes a look of horror and says "What the hell!?" while pointing towards the screen. To Ian's shock, Jerry was shooting an assault rifle at another Mii in the game, laughing about how fun it was and that he could play this forever. Ian then says "F**K!".

Troll #6: The Deadly Distraction

As Jerry plays, Ian and Anthony set fire to a bucket. When Jerry smells smoke, he calls out to someone to put out the fire. He tries to do it himself by stomping on it, only for his foot to catch on fire.


Ian is happy that their trolling has successfully forced Jerry to leave their house, but Anthony points out that their house is on fire. Ian doesn't care, as he points out that they can always play in their car. However, when they open the door, Jerry is inside playing, demanding that they close the door, as they are letting the light in. Ian and Anthony finally agree to kill him, and they get out their guns and shoot Jerry.




  • The Modem scene with Ian and Anthony destroying the router is similar to the one on Family Guy where Stewie and Brian destroyed a Surfin' Bird record. Both are referencing the movie Office Space.
  • The rap song that plays when Ian and Anthony destroy the router is "Dreams of Being a Rap Star" by Trinity.
  • During the Deadly Distraction scene, when they're setting up the fiery bucket, a girl in a bikini can be seen filming.
  • The Wii U is coming about a month later after this video was released.
  • The movie "Here Comes The Boom" was released on the same day as mentioned in a Lunchtime with Smosh episode.
  • The "Wii Shooting" segment from the video would later return in the video "Wii U Sports is Awesome!"
  • Several times throughout the video, the Call of Duty game Jerry plays seems to seamlessly change to some other game in the series.
  • Black Ops 2 came out a month after this video was released.
  • The Wii Placement wasn't a successful troll at all.

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