Four Years Foreplay
Four Years Foreplay is a music video created by Smosh and I Set My Friends on Fire and it was uploaded September 18, 2009. The video is about entering high school.


In 2005, Smosh was asked to make a video for their high school to show the incoming freshmen what to expect from high school. When the video was shown to the entire school, Smosh was immediately expelled and the video was never seen again. Until now...

In the introduction, Billy was very excited about entering high school. However, he doesn't know where to go and is in the library asking for help. But the older students and even the principal refuse to help him. It was then that Billy cries, "Can anyone tell me what to do!?"


There's a thing or two about high school that you need to know.
We wish we had known this when we were freshmen.
Watch out for freshmen Friday,
The most dangerous day of the week.
You thought you were excited for the weekend,
But this is where your week ends.

Four more years of obeying authority,
Without question don't reach super sighted .
There's only one thousand four hundred sixteen pages left to read,
It will be time to celebrate when its time to graduate.

Whatever you do, don't you ever bring a roller backpack to school,
Because douchebag kids will kick them over.
We don't see why though they're really convenient!

If a girl gives you a smile,
Don't be deceived she wants you to father her child,
And she's probably not even cute.
The only thing good about high school is their super badass playgrounds,
They have the best swings ever,
I once jumped five feet in the air!

Four more years of obeying authority,
Without question don't reach super sighted.
There's only one thousand four hundred sixteen pages left to read,
it will be time to celebrate when its time to graduate.

To think how happy I was before I came, running out of every room I walked in today.
And the most miserable part, is that its only the first day.

If highschool was compared to seeing your mom in a playboy magazine, then maybe high school isn't that bad because that'd be the biggest boner killer in history, unless she's hot.



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