"Mmm, oh yeah, that's very good. That's very good whale carcass! SHUT UP!"
Food Battle 2008
Bring it on, bitch!


July 26, 2008 (Smosh)
September 26, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Characters featured

Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Food Battle reporter, Benny Jean

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Food Battle 2008 is a Smosh video released on July 26, 2008 and is the 3rd installment in the Food Battle series. For the 3rd year in a row, Ian and Anthony compete against each other to prove which of their favorite foods is superior.

Anthony's Favorite Food: Churros



Anthony is about to watch Toy Story and is teased by his father for believing that it's real. As he sits down on the couch, Ian appears saying that he and his pink frosted sprinkled donuts want a rematch. Anthony says that Ian won't stand a chance against his new favorite food, churros! Ian accepts the rematch, thus beginning Food Battle 2008.



Ian: Ian is unable see through the holes of his donuts and thus is unable to see the sun. He thinks the sun is pink and frosty and then calls it beautiful. Result: X

Anthony: Anthony looks directly at the sun, only to be blinded by the light. Result: X

Delicious Smoothie

Anthony: Anthony puts three churros in a blender with some milk. After a while, he takes it out and tries it,
Donut vs Churro

Donut vs Churro

saying it's delicious. Result:

Ian: Ian adds mayonaise to his smoothie and tries it. At first, it appears that he likes it, but after getting his checkmark, he spits it out. Result:

Ian's Mom

When Anthony suggests this, Ian tells him that "Your Mom jokes are banned in Food Battle 2008." Anthony points out that there is a picture of Ian's mom in the catalog. Ian asks if they can do something else, so Anthony picks another challenge.

Anti Theft Device

Anthony: Anthony places his churro on his car. A burglar appears and throws the churro away. He takes an 1099 free hours disc from Anthony's car and walks off as Anthony screams in horror. Result: X

Ian: Ian places his donut on his car. The burglar appears and tries to take it off, when a gunshot suddenly rings out and he falls dead. The camera pans to Ian holding a gun, but he hides it behind his back and declares that it worked, recieving his checkmark. Result:

Pink-Frosted Sprinkled Donut

Ian: Ian suddenly realizes his pink frosted sprinkled donut is a pink frosted sprinkled donut. Result:

Anthony: Anthony throws his churro in the air and it comes down as a pink frosted spinkled donut. Result:


Ian: Ian says that he will kill his donut's family if it doesn't work. Ian activates his pink frosted sprinkled donut to explode. He tries to find a place to put it, but is stopped as he tries to put it near Anthony's car, Anthony's pet rock and Benny Jean's damn pet flamingo. Eventually, he throws it behind him but it fails to detonate. After his X, Ian says that he will kill his donut's family. Result: X

Anthony: Anthony lights his churro and waves it around. Ian warns him that it is about to explode. It explodes and Anthony loses his arm. Although freaked out, he's happy it worked. Result:

A weapon that can be thrown from 30 feet away to kill somebody

Ian: Ian sees a guy throw a banana peel onto the street. He throws his donut at the guy Street Fighter style while shouting "Hadouken!" but it doesn't kill him, or even hurt him. Result: X

Anthony: Anthony notices the guy pick up a VHS of Toy Story and say that he hates it. The guy throws it to the ground. This makes Anthony angry, and he runs over to throw his churro at the guy but slips on the guy's banana peel. The churro hits Anthony and kills him. Ian appears to be shocked at his death, but is then revealed to be shocked over leaving trash on the ground and picks up the banana peel. Result: None given


The reporter runs up to Ian and informs him that he has won Food Battle 2008. Anthony, who is still alive, gets up and throws his churro at Ian; only to hit the reporter, causing him to die slowly, but manages to say his remaining lines. The reporter says that he thought Anthony was dead, but Ian says he is now. The scene cuts to Anthony's body, showing he really is dead now. The reporter asks Ian what he wants to do now. Ian says he is going to have a party, and the reporter asks if he can come. Ian says "Yeah," with the reporter saying "really?" Ian then shouts, "No!"


Food Battle 2008/Script


Food Battle 2008/Gallery


  • This is the second time Benny Jean appears in the Food Battle series, with the first being Food Battle 2007.
  • This is the only Food Battle that Ian doesn't have a bowl haircut.
  • This is the first Food Battle to use the "Barney" ending.
  • This is the last Food Battle to use the original Smosh intro.
  • El Smosh's version came out the same day as The Neighbors.
  • When Anthony got really angry (and saw the flashback with a guy saying that he hates Toy Story) refferences Kill Bill (The Ironside siren also played when anthony saw the flashback)
  • The donut has a tape on it.
  • Anthony could have won the last challenge due to the churro can kill someone(It killed himself and the reporter).
Food Battle 2008

Food Battle 2008

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