February 28, 2014 (Smosh)
March 2, 2014 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony

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Ian sucks balls at Flappy Bird but will do anything he can to see the epic final scene of the game.


At early February of 2014, Ian tells Anthony in the living room that he thinks he found his father since eight years ago. Anthony doesn't pay attention and plays Flappy Bird. Ian wanted to know what Anthony was doing. After Anthony answered, Ian thought it looks dumb and doesn't want to play the game.

Sometime later, Ian starts playing Flappy Bird, but couldn't cross the first pair of pipes. His highest score was one. Ian thought the game sucked. Anthony found a scene where the game gets super deep after passing a thousand pair of pipes. He gives an example about the bird getting revenge on the hunter that killed his father.

Twenty unproductive minutes later, Anthony cries because his bird only has two days to live due to a failing heart. Ian starts talking in third-person about getting to the first pair of pipes which Anthony suspected. In slow motion, Ian finally gets his bird to go through the first pair of pipes, but couldn't go through the second pair. Anthony felt relieved since his bird's Kickstarter Fund got him enough money to get a replacement heart. Anthony apologized for the spoilers.

Twenty-three completely wasted and utterly useless minutes later, Ian rages about the game and decides to delete it. Anthony gets excited because his bird found the magic stone and saved the fish people so that the fish princess could take her place on the magic throne of destiny. Ian sarcastically doesn't care about what Anthony's talking about.

Sometime later at the dining table, Anthony sees the bird's younger twin survive which Ian felt disturbed.

Sometime later in the living room, Ian and Anthony are in sleeping bags. Anthony that the bird is a girl which explains his questions. Ian still doesn't like the game.

In the bathroom, Anthony sits on the toilet while still playing the game. Anthony saw a sex scene in the game unexpectedly. Ian unfolded the curtains in the middle of his bath and tells Anthony to get out of the bathroom. Anthony also saw that it was a lesbian sex scene. This made Ian interested in the game again. Anthony tells Ian to play the game by himself to see the scene. Ian angrily agrees and starts rubbing his nipples while saying that he wants to get to the sex scene.

In the living room, Ian does a training montage by getting to fitness clothing, eat steroids, move his thumbs up and down on an active treadmill, hit a punching bag with his thumbs, breaks a piece of wood with his thumb, and thumb-wrestle himself. After the training montage, Ian starts playing Flappy Bird and finally catches up with Anthony. After Ian found that the bird was actually a girl, he gets excited for the lesbian sex scene. The scene only shows bump of two different girls moving away from each other. Ian thought it was better than he imagined.

Ian tries to brag about making to the lesbian sex scene, but Anthony doesn't care about the game anymore. Ian doesn't understand since Anthony played the game six hours ago. Anthony says that are now into Rubby Bird, a game where you rub a bird consecutive. Anthony has rubbed his bird for at least three minutes. Ian thinks that Anthony is jealous about Ian's high score, until he found his two birds doing something with a cup which makes him vomit.

The narrator says that after word got out about the final scene of Flappy Bird, the game was immediately removed from the App Store. He even for Flappy Bird's to rest in peace while also it's lifespan between May 24, 2013---February 10, 2014. The narrator was actually sarcastic and revealed to hate the game.


Anthony is playing Rubby Bird for at least twenty-nine consecutive hours and is still playing it, while Ian is heard vomiting, still.


Flappy Bird Ruined My Life/Script


  • The British Siri voice (Jon Briggs) appeared at the end of the video while Anthony was playing Rubby Bird.
  • The Smosh outro changed again, now when the video is colored with yellow, the background turns black
  • The scene where the 2 birds do something with a cup is a reference to the scat-fetish pornographic film 2 Girls 1 Cup.
  • One of the bricks when Ian broke the wood was an Easy Step.
  • Rubby Bird is an actual game made after the game here.

Shut Up! Opening

Yeah, I play cell phone games 'cause I'm hardcore. SHUT UP!



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