August 27, 2010

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"Firetruck!" is a Smosh video uploaded on August 27, 2010. In this song, Anthony and Ian rap about a different way to say "fuck".


A man is listening to "Milky Milkshake", then he tells Ian and Anthony that it sucked and to come back with a song that was better. As they walked out the door, Anthony shouted, "Firetruck!". The man asked him what he said, and Ian said that the word was a replacement for the F-word instead of saying f**k in public and becuase it "starts with f and ends with uck." Then the man told both of them to come back and to make a song about it.


Now here's the thing about saying firetruck
It starts F and it ends with UCK
So whenever you're in trouble or out of luck
You no longer have to exclaim "OH
Firetruck Single

Single cover

Hey look at that they just bleeped me
Instead say firetruck, it's so easy
And I'd like to take a moment just sit right there
I'll tell you how you can say firetruck anywhere

Stub your toe, FIRETRUCK
Lose your cash, FIRETRUCK
You're naked and your parents come home, FIRETRUCK
Fail your class, FIRETRUCK
Scratch your ass, FIRETRUCK
Clip your nails too short and it hurts, FIRETRUCK
Crap your pants, FIRETRUCK
Bite your tongue, FIRETRUCK
No one shows up to your party, FIRETRUCK
Red Ring of Death, FIRETRUCK
Forget to breathe, FIRETRUCK
Found out your mom is your dad, FIRETRUCK

Say firetruck every chance you see
It's even more fun when it gets bleeped
Say it with me now, don't make this suck

Whoa man, did you just say f**k?
Naw man, I just said firetruck
But when you bleep it, it says f**k
Who cares man, we're sayin' firetruck!

Lose your teeth, FIRETRUCK
iPhone bill, FIRETRUCK
Jonas Brothers stuck in your head, FIRETRUCK
Crash your car, FIRETRUCK
Into your dog, FIRETRUCK
Turns out your dog is your mom, FIRETRUCK

Wait, so now my mom's a dog?
And your dad
This is just getting ridiculous
You act like that's not normal-
It is in Canada
So they have man-dog-women in Canada?

Fail science, FIRETRUCK
Eat a pencil, FIRETRUCK
There's over 500 Pokemon?! WHAT THE FIRETRUCK
Lose the game, FIRETRUCK
David Blaine, FIRETRUCK
Get run over by a... (what?) FIRETRUCK

So, yeah. Next time you wanna say the F-word, just say Firetruck. It's more polite.
And if you didn't like this song, go fïretruck yourself.

Script (beginning)



  • The censored versions is on iTunes.
  • The song is available in Sexy Album.
  • During the intro office scene, there is a continuity error where the shades on the window keep switching between open and closed.
  • Smosh made a shirt that says "WHAT THE FIRETRUCK" on it. It is for sale on
  • Justine Ezarik (A.K.A. "iJustine") was a guest star in the verse where they said: "iPhone bill," because of her famous video about her 300 paged Phone bill.
  • On the "stub your toe, FIRETRUCK" verse, Anthony is seen stubbing his toe on an Easy Step, a product which had starred in a Smosh video from 2007.
  • The over 500 Pokémon part was a reference to the Japanese version of Pokémon Black and White with 501 being Oshawatt.
  • This is the first time Anthony's Mom is revealed to be his dad, second being WORST TWIST ENDINGS EVER!, third being WORST PROPOSALS EVER!
  • When Smosh advertised their Sexy album mentioning this song, it was on their video If Kids Shows Were Real. Along with their other song Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE.
  • This has the 100th SHUT UP! intro.

Subscription Ending

"Thanks for subscribing! And if you aren't gonna subscribe, firetruck you! And your dog, friggin' uncle."

Shut Up! Opening

"The firetruck go woo! You know what I'm saying like whoo whoo! SHUT UP!"




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