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December 13, 2006
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Feet for Hands is a Smosh video uploaded on December 13, 2006.

Brief Synopsis: The inspiring story about a man who lost his hands in a shredder accident, but rose above the obstacles that came with replacing them with feet instead.


A man is seen walking out of a store while a narrator says, "Hi. My name's Gary. Ever since last Monday, my life's been pretty tough."

Ian and Gary (Anthony) are standing over something, and Ian says, "Dude, no one can put both of their hands in that shredder. I'm telling you right now." Gary disagrees, and proceeds to put his hands inside the shredder, only to scream in pain afterwards. Gary says that not only did he shred his hands in a shredder, but his situation got even worse. During the surgery, his parents realizes they couldn't afford prosthetic hands, so they had to go with an alternative: Feet.

A man outside the camera shot laughs at Gary's feet for hands, and Gary threatens to kick the man. He continues on to say, "A couple days ago, life started looking up again."

Gary is using his feet for hands to spread jam on a bagel, but he is failing miserably. His dad (Ian wearing a hat and pillows in his shirt) walks up behing him and puts his hand on Gary's shoulder. He then says, "Son, we need to talk."

Gary and his dad are sitting on the couch, and his dad takes a bite out of a baguette. His words are hard to understand, as he is talking with his mouth full, but there are subtitles at the bottom of the screen. "I understand you've been going through a lot of changes lately, and I'm willing to help you out. I know I haven't been around much, and your mother and I have been going through a lot of problems recently...and Sally was diagnosed with cancer...and Sparky was ran over by Grandma...and we couldn't exactly...uh...afford replacement hands for you. So I'd like to make it up to you with this Zvue." He then hands Gary the Zvue, and Gary squeals, "For me?"

Afterwards, he is seen playing with the Zvue, and he says, "Right away, I started jammin away." He starts playing the song Look Out Weekend by Debbie Deb, and then he stands up and begins to mouth the song. Later, he walks down the street, and says, "The next day, I went out on the street, and the craziest thing happened." Two girls stop to stare at Gary, either because of the huge freaking combat boots on both of his hands, or the Zvue tucked in to one of them. I-Dawg from The Gangstas then comes over and makes fun of Gary, calling him a "freak with the shoes on his hands." However, Gary does not take this offensively, and says, "So I guess my life is pretty much awesome now."

The interviewer says, "Alright, thank you very much Maria." Gary says that his name isn't Maria, it's Gary, and the interviewer then asks, "So you're not Maria with the lobster hands?" Gary shows his hands to the man, and says, "Do these look like lobsters to you?" He is then verbally forced out of the studio. The interviewer, now alone, says, "Huh. Now I'm lonely."


  • It is actually impossible to shred your hands off in a shredder, unless if you don't follow the rules you can.
  • If Gary (Anthony) did truly shred off his hands, blood would be pouring out, which it did not in the video.
  • Gary's last name is Brolsma, revealed in Boxman's Girlfriend.
  • This video is a reference to the 1990 Tim Burton movie Edward Scissorhands.


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