Failed Auditions for Smosh: The Movie is a video released September 24, 2015 on Smosh 2nd Channel.

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Courtney, Shayne, Keith, Noah and Olivia dress up and act like famous celebrities and random characters to do "failed auditions" for Smosh: The Movie.


  • Michael Caine - Shayne
  • Chris Rock - Keith
  • Taylor Swift - Courtney
  • Young Larry King - Noah
  • Tom Cruise - Shayne
  • Chris Tucker - Keith
  • Jackie Chan - Olivia
  • Matthew McConaughey - Shayne
  • Tricia (Insane Girl) - Courtney
  • Black Adam (First Man On Earth) - Keith
  • Owen Wilson - Courtney
  • Nicholas Sparks - Shayne
  • A Friggin' Horse - ?

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