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September 26, 2014 (Smosh)
September 28, 2014 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, I-Nerd and A-Nerd, Harry Potter fans, Captain America, Soccer fan, priest, Spider-Man, bride, woman in labor, granddaughter, black guy, doctor, grandma, groom, Stan Lee

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Can you imagine a world without spoilers?! We decided to make the dream a reality by SPOILING EVERYTHING!


In the studio kitchen, Ian has found leaked stuff from Game of Thrones which Anthony didn't want to hear because of spoilers. Ian thought that Anthony would have at least a one week grace period which would be a perfect time to spoil. Anthony then thought how much easier life would be if things weren't spoiled. Ian thought that he could check his Facebook status whenever he wanted to while Anthony thought he could check his Twitter posts on Sunday nights. After thinking that the idea would be awesome, they decide to spoil everything.

They start by spoiling the twist in the new Star Wars movie to the nerds, then spoiling "Snape kills the Dumble-dwarf" to Harry Potter fans, and the Stan Lee cameo in the Black Widow movie to Marvel Fans; who remark that Stan Lee makes a cameo in every movie and it's the same cameo and the least he can do is dress up as Robin Hood. Ian adds that the Captain America-dressed Marvel Fan has a point. We see an old woman is lying in bed and her granddaughter is with her. Ian and Anthony come and tell her that the grandma is going to die. Ian and Anthony then go up to a random black guy and tell him he's black, at first he hates it, but then realises that he has a big dick, so he loves it.

Then a guy is watching a soccer game and Ian and Anthony tell him that one of the player is going to fake that he got hurt. The football fan asks how he knew that and Anthony says "because it's f**king soccer". The man says the sport replies that the sport is called football (reference to the fact that in all countries other than USA soccer is called football), to which Ian says "Not when you're in America, bitch!" Then they go up to a pregnant woman and tell her it's a baby, to which she says "No sh*t Sherlock!". They say "spoiler alert!" to a car and then Anthony says "Spoiled alert!" to a bunch of black bananas which Ian spits out. Then they look at a dirty diaper and Ian says "soiled alert!" to which Anthony responds that they are not getting into potty humor and that they are better than that. Ian says that they are not, making Anthony say he is right and then making him fart. At a wedding Ian spoils a wedding by putting love in a materialistic view Anthony describes as dark and Ian acknowledges. They both agree that they should stop saying "spoiler alert" at the beginning of every sentence. and that it they are not spoiling anymore.

Ian and Anthony leave


The screen turns black saying This message was brought to you to raise awareness of D.I.C.K.s-Douches In-Capable of Keeping Secrets. It continues saying "Don't talk to D.I.C.K.S," "Don't listen to D.I.C.K.S," "Don't touch D.I.C.K.S," "And whatever you do, don't let D.I.C.K.S. get near your mouth. Then Stan Lee appears wearing a Robin hood costume saying "I'm Stan Lee and I approve this message. But who the heck are these "smush" people?"


  • This video was filmed around September 1st, 2014
  • The Shut Up! Opening is longer than usual in this video, closing out before "SHUT UP!" is heard.
  • The nerds from Movie Reboots Suck and Disney Star Wars appear in the first spoiler alert
  • Stan Lee, the president and chairman of Marvel Comics, makes a cameo at the end of this video
  • This is the second time a censored word appears in the title, the first being Our Generation is F*cked: The Movie.

Shut Up! Opening

"Spoiler Alert! (speaks quietly) The Titanic sinks at the end. SHUT UP!"



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