Ian is Bored 28
Experimental Facial Hair Styles! is the 28th installment of Ian is Bored.


Unrelated Intro: Ian applies shaving cream to his beard.

Ian greets the audience, and begins the facial hair test:

1st style: Ian shaves the bottom of his facial hair off. He calls this one the " I'm 20 pounds overweight so I have to shave the bottom of my beard to get myself chin definition"

2nd style: Ian shaves off part of his sideburns. He calls this one the "Holy crap, my beard detached from the top of my head"

3rd style:  Ian shaves off another part of his sideburns, leaving only a little bit left. He names it " What the hell, my goatee sprouted wings?"

4th style:  Ian shaves off his sideburns completely, having the facial hair as seen in his picture. Named "Hey buddy, want to go get some beer and then party?"

5th style:  Ian shaves off his beard, resulting in a Hulk Hogan-like mustache. Named the same as above, with the addendum "but then, go sleep with our sisters?"

6th style:  Ian shaves off his mustache at the sides, resulting in a mustache similar to Officer Anous's. Named "Gay Pirate"

7th style:  Ian simply covers the Gay Pirate mustache with his fingers, apparently implying he will shave off the part not covered. He names this the "Howie Mandel"

8th style:  Ian shaves off his soulpatch and mustache, except for a tiny part under his nose, basically a Hitler mustache. Named the "Fascist f*ckhead responsible for the killing of millions of innocent people, also known as the crappiest facial hair in the world.

Ian ends the video by thanking the viewers for watching, asking for more suggestions then says he needs to shave off his Hitler mustache, as he feels like an asshole.

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