Evolve is the thirty-third episode of Honest Game Trailers released February 10, 2015.

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From Turtle Rock, creators of an epic four player-versus-zombies experience (Left 4 Dead), and 2K Games, publisher of an epic four player-versus-mutant alien experience (Borderlands), comes something you've never seen before: an epic four player-versus-giant monster experience. Evolve.

Welcome to Shear, a peaceful colony planet until it's besieged by giant Pokemon rejects. Now, twelve of the galaxy's edgiest Team Fortress knock-offs will be deployed to stop them, but because they hate success, only go in four at a time. Crank up the heavy metal and step into the shoes of a monster hunter as you take down a ravenous player-controlled beast. You just have to find them first. (while looking around for the monster) Should be somewhere around here. Let's see. Hello? Anyone? Hmm. What's on Facebook right now? I wonder if they're ever gonna make another Crash Bandicoot. What is a bandicoot anyways? Is it like a, like a hedgehog or something? No, no, Sonic's a hedgehog. I should really go back to school. (the monster appears and kills the Hunters) Son of a bitch!! Well, that wasn't very fair.

Even the odds by using careful timing, coordination, and teamwork between you and the three people you're randomly matched with online, because we all know how well that usually works out, right? (Angry player: Are you f**king dumb?) Or do what any sane person would do and play as a fire-breathing, rock-throwing, lightning-shooting, invisible badass. Return to your childhood days of frying ants with a magnifying glass by playing as one of the monsters, four characters more overpowered than Mike Tyson, Meta Knight, and a Game Genie combined, proving that gamers always have more fun when it comes at other people's expense. (evil laughter as a monster kills Hunters)

When you get tired of the 4v1 hunt mode, dive into three different slight variations of 4v1 hunt mode instead of the following more badass ones we just pulled out of our ass, like monster versus monster, four hunters and one monster versus four hunters and one monster, twelve hunters versus three monsters, or an open-world mode where hunters skate around collecting tapes and jam out to late '90s punk rock. Oh, wait, never mind, that's Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

So get ready for one of the most innovative FPS games of the past year, alongside Titanfall and Destiny, that, just like those two, we'll play for a month, then completely forget it ever existed. Ah, video games.

Starring Left 4 Dead (Hunters), Gojira (Goliath), Dr. Roidberg (Kraken), Butt Wraithist (Wraith), and Preorder "The Rock" Johnson (Behemoth).

Evol v. E.

You know what game mode this thing really needs? Ghostbusters, am I right?

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