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Evil Chain Letter (2005)

Evil Chain Letter is a rare Smosh video from 2005 that was deleted from their site at an unknown date and for an unknown reason. It was reuploaded to YouTube on March 22, 2006 by user dopeyalan2. How the user dopeyalan2 was able to get the video is unknown, as well. Some believe that the video is fake and that it is just parts from other Smosh videos pasted together and voiced over. That is yet to be proven to true or false and most likely never will be.


The video states a chain letter and tells you to repost it or you will regret it (like most chain letters). Anthony says he won't repost it. It then skips ten years ahead to Jerusalem and shows a picture of the crucifixion of Jesus. Anthony then says he should have listened to it. Text then scrolls up that says that Jesus would still be alive if the poor young boy (Anthony) would have listened and to always listen to chain letters.


After being reuploaded in 2006, the video gained much criticism in the comments for its insults towards religion, mostly towards Christianity with the part seemingly mocking the crucifixion of Jesus. This has the likes and dislikes of the video split down the middle. This may have also been the reason it was removed by Smosh in the first place.


  • This is also uploaded to Old School Smosh November 15, 2014 under the name "The Evil Chain Letter".

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