Evan Barth is a character in the Smosh series who appears on FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS SUCK! and the sequel MOTION GAMING SUCKS! He is portrayed by Brian Rife, who also portrays Peter.


After Ian fires Otto Closet and Hugh Jasshol, he turns to Evan for an idea. Evan gets an idea, but as soon as he says "Call of Duty", Ian draws a pistol and shoots Evan, killing him.


After Otto and Hugh are transfered to make a Twilight game, Ian points his shotgun at Evan, who has an idea. Ian asks if the game has jumping, in which he says that the game is "All about jumping. "He descibes the game as jumping all over the place. Ian then asks about how the player can jump. But as soon as Evan says that the player has to jump by pressing the A button, he gets shot by Ian. Two months later, his body is still there. In the alternate ending, Evan now fights for Zombie Equality and hopes to run President in 2016.