Lloyd Leonard Ahlquist


January 18, 1977 (age 40)



YouTube Channel:


Years Active:


Lloyd Leonard Ahlquist, (born January 18, 1977) more commonly known by his stage name EpicLLOYD, is a YouTuber and the co-writer and creator of Epic Rap Battles of History, along with Nice Peter. He has been in the majority of the videos, but doesn't have a speaking part in all of them, often making brief cameo appearances. He battled Nice Peter inNice Peter vs EpicLLOYD. He has his own series on YouTube called Dis Raps For Hire in which he takes requests from victims of bullying and harassment and then insults the bully. He also started the Hopefully It's Friday Vlog, uploading episodes every other week. He is one of the founding members of Mission IMPROVable, in which he met Peter and got several cast and crew members for ERB (Zach Sherwin, Morgan Christensen, Pat McIntyre, Atul Singh, and Colin J. Sweeney). He is married to Josie Ahlquist.

With Smosh

He is in the ERB video Artists vs TMNT that featured Smosh and Rhett and Link. He was also featured in Playing Mortal Kombat with Epic Rap Battles with Nice Peter in Smosh Games Button Bash.

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