Before the Interview

Anthony: Hey guys, so we got the option to interview Emma Watson from the new movie, Noah.

Ian: So here's the thing, so Jovenshire from SmoshGames is a big Emma Watson fan and we give him a lotta crap.

In Joven Gets Waxed

Jovenshire: (yells in pain and laughs) I hate you guys!

Back in the present

Ian: He's a good guy, so we want to try to, we want to try to give him something nice since we're always giving him so much crap. Joven doesn't know that he's interviewing Emma Watson 'cause we're telling him that he's gonna interview Logan Lerman from Noah. So...

Anthony: So yesterday, we had this meeting with him and luckily, he's like blind as a bat 'cause we hid like four cameras around the room.

In the flashback

Ian (as a narrator): While we were prepping Joven for his interview, all he wanted to talk about was his crush on Emma Watson.

Jovenshire: Does she have a date for this premiere? Tell him, "What's next, me or Harry Potter?"

Anthony (as a narrator): He even suggests to have a fake tattoo to show his love for her.

Jovenshire: If I can write like "Hermione" black or whatever color or something.

(Ian and Anthony laughs)

Ian (as a narrator): And then he just kept talking about her.

Jovenshire: She's Noah's daughter, I'm an animal, would she bring on the boat to meet her dad.

(Anthony giggles)

Jovenshire: Does that make sense to you?

Anthony (as a narrator): He thinks if he shows Logan how much he loves Emma, he'll get a chance to meet her. Little does he know, he's meeting her right now.

Ian: Should be interesting.

The Interview

In the interview

Anthony: (shakes his body) Woof.

Jovenshire: Excited?

Anthony: I'm nervous, nervously excited.

Jovenshire: Wanna high-five, wanna high-five? Do you wanna get some----(high-fives Anthony) Yeah.

Anthony: Okay.

Ian (in the studio): Oh he has no idea.

Emma: (enters) Hi!

Anthony: Hi!

Emma: It's so good to meet you.

Jovenshire: It's a pleasure, (gets a kiss from Emma) thank you.

Ian (in the studio): OH OHOHOH!

Anthony: Nice, thank you very much.

Ian: He got a kiss.

(Emma sits on her chair)

Anthony: Alright uh, you wanna go ask the first question? Yeah.

(Ian laughs to himself)

Anthony: (faces Emma) Oh sorry, I was just introducing myself. I'm Anthony and this is Joven over here.

Jovenshire: Hi.

Emma: Hi, nice to meet you.

Jovenshire: (talks in the middle of Emma talking) Hey, nice to meet you.

(Ian laughs)

Anthony: Hey.

Jovenshire: So you want me to go first and ask the first question?

Anthony: Yes.

Jovenshire: Cool! So uh, with all the animals, like we know the story...

Anthony: No the first question.

Jovenshire: The first question? You want me to go with the first question?

Anthony: Yes.

(Emma laughs)

Ian (in the studio): (giggles) He doesn't know what to do!

Jovenshire: Alright, cool! (laughs)

Emma: (giggles) Is it something you want to talk about?

Jovenshire: Yeah no, um.

(Ian laughs)

Jovenshire: So what's it like being Percy Jackson?

(Anthony laughs)

Emma: (gasps) Um.

Jovenshire: You know yeah, because that was a roll you yourself were definitely in.

Anthony: (talks in the middle of Jovenshire speaking) Okay. (laughs as Jovenshire speaks) Okay. Alright here, okay! I should let you know Joven is a huge fan of you and yet had no idea he was going to interview you. He thought he was gonna interview Logan and we wanted to surprise him with you instead.

Emma: (talks in the middle of Anthony speaking) Awawawawaw, so you just got really stiched-up.

Anthony: Yeah!

Jovenshire: So just uh, there's just uh----Wow! You know they talk about butterflies in your stomach? This is cool.

(Emma and Anthony laughs)

Jovenshire: I hate you Anthony.

(Anthony laughs again)

Ian (in the studio): He is so embarrassed.

Anthony: Here, I have some questions for you. (gives Jovenshire a small piece of paper) I don't want you to be on a...

Jovenshire: Is this a serious question?

Anthony: Yes.

Jovenshire: It's a serious question.

Ian (in the studio): Oh no.

Jovenshire: In the movie, Noah, the world is covered in water the chances you'd go...

(Anthony laughs)

Jovenshire: What are the chances that you'd go on a date with me? So the world is gone, it's you and me on a dezetered island.

Ian (in the studio): A dezetered island? I----What did he say?

Jovenshire: It's you and me on a dezetered island, it's like the top of a skyscraper or something.

Anthony: That was a joke, this is the real...

Jovenshire: Is this the real one?

(Emma laughs in the conservation)

Anthony: This is the real question.

Jovenshire: (reads another piece of paper) In the movie, Noah, the boat is made of wood you go on a date with me?

(Anthony, Ian, and Emma laugh)

Jovenshire: Now that's clever actually. So the question is would you go on a date with me?

Emma: Yes!

Ian (in the studio): Good job Joven.

Jovenshire: This is like movie crush madness right now.

(Anthony and Emma laugh)

Jovenshire: Uh, this is cool. Like there's-there's a list. It's people I want to meet list.

After the Interview

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