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March 28, 2014 (Smosh)
March 30, 2014 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Jovenshire, Emma Watson

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Emma Watson Surprise Prank is a smosh video uploaded on the 28th of March 2014 and the second episode of the "Interview pranks" series.


We got the opportunity to interview Emma Watson about her new film Noah! To make it extra fun, we invited superfan Joven (Smosh Games) to come along! He had NO IDEA he was going to meet Emma, he thought he was gonna interview Logan Lerman, and what happened next was hilarious!


Before Interview

Anthony states that they got the chance to interview Emma Watson from Noah. Ian talks about Joshua Ovenshire being an Emma Watson fan and that they gave him a lot of crap as seen in Joven Gets Waxed. But since he's a good guy, they decided to give him something nice. However, Joshua doesn't know that he's interviewing Watson because they told him that he is interviewing Logan Lerman from the same movie. Ian and Anthony had a meeting with him and hid four camera which Jovenshire couldn't even find.

While they were prepping Joven for his interview, all he wanted to talk about was his crush on Emma Watson. He even suggests to have a fake tattoo to show his love for her, and then he just kept talking about her. He thinks if he shows Logan how much he loves Emma, he'll get a chance to meet her. Little does he know, he's meeting her instantly. Note: This is a contribution to Prank it Fwd)

The Interview

Jovenshire still has no idea about the interview until he sees Emma walk into the room, giving him a kiss as she sits down. Anthony tells Jovenshire to ask the first question, but then introduces himself and Joshua. Anthony wanted Joshua to ask the first question, but Josh decided to ask questions about the movie. Anthony reminded Jovenshire of the first question in the interview which had Ian laugh. Joshua asked about playing as Percy Jackson even though the question was suppose to go to Logan. Emma felt confused, yet amused. Anthony explains the whole situation to Emma which she apologized and notice Jovenshire got stiched-up. Joshua thought it was cool and figuratively told Anthony that he hates him. Ian noticed how embarrassed Joshua is.

Anthony has given Joshua another question to ask and said that it was serious. Joshua asks the question about the world covered in water and the chances Emma would go out with him. Joshua tried to specify the question, but mistakenly said, "dezetered". Ian, Anthony, and Emma kept on laughing and then Anthony gave Jovenshire the real question.

Joshua reads that the boat is made of wood you go on a date with me which the others laughed and Joshua thought it was clever. Joshua asks if Emma would go on a date with him which she would. Ian thought Jovenshire did a good job. Joshua thought this was a movie crush madness since he has a list of people he wants to meet. Emma asks about her in the top in the list and where she is in the list. Joshua said that she's at the top of that list. Emma thought it was nice and having the both of them blush.

Joshua asked about the interview with J.K. Rowling about Hermione (Emma Watson's character in Harry Potter movies) should've been ending up with Harry instead of Ron. He also said that they know what Hermione would have ended up with, but not about Emma herself and asked who would that person would be. Emma Watson thought really hard and decides to not end up with any of the two characters and she would end up with Ahmad which made Ian question his childhood. Anthony asked if she had to choose one which Emma that fictionally Hermione is suppose to end up with Ron. Anthony wanted Jovenshire to show another big fan thing. Jovenshire didn't want to show the tattoo, but Anthony pulled up his sleeve and people started laughing at the tattoo. Emma thought the tattoo was pretty cute.

Anthony tells Jovenshire to do the freestyle rap about Emma. Anthony asked if Emma could beatbox, but she want to dance to the rap instead. Joshua makes up a rap about being with Emma and giving so much passion that he doesn't care about rhyming. Ian states that Joshua wasn't rapping and is just saying things. Anthony thanks Emma for coming to the interview since it was a big surprise for Jovenshire. She shook hands with them and left. Right after that, Joshua said that he hates Anthony making Ian and Anthony laugh.

The closing captions thanks Emma for being a good sport and making Jovenshire's dreams come true.

After Interview

Jovenshire thought that prank was really elaborate. Jovenshire mentions about Emma kissing his face and said that the tattoo and him were cute. Jovenshire thought that was the best worst prank ever.


Emma Watson Surprise Prank/Script


  • This is the second "Celebrity Prank" video made by Smosh.

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I watched Perks of a Wallflower just 'cause she's in it. SHUT UP!



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