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Eddie Clayton
Eddie as seen in Ghostmates




2016 (Aged 29)

Cause of death

Asphyxiation (choking)


Unnamed father
Unnamed mother


Ian Hecox

Eddie Clayton (1987–2016) is the main protagonist from Smosh's 2016 movie Ghostmates. Eddie dies from choking after his necktie becomes stuck in his door.

Early life Edit

Eddie was born in 1987. His mother left him and his dad when his was a boy. Eddie went to Sacred Heart High School where he bullied his chemistry teacher, Rick Bowman. At the end of the year, Eddie photoshopped Rick in the yearbook to look like he is giving a blowjob to the principal. He also changed his name from "Rick Bowman" to "Dick Blowman." It is later found out that this prank ruined Rick's life.

Role in Ghostmates Edit

After Eddie's accidental death, he was still on Earth instead of going to Heaven because he had some unfinished business on Earth. Tattooed on his chest were his tasks for which he needs to tie up loose ends:

1. Jessica

2. Dad

3. Rick Bowman.

Charlie helps him to finish those tasks. Eddie and Charlie completed the last and second task in one day, but the first task still remained unfinished. At the end of the movie, Eddie finished the first task and went to Heaven. In the post-credits scene, it is shown that Eddie has become Charlie's guardian angel.

Trivia Edit

  • A lot of characters think that Eddie died from choking while masturbating, because at the time of his death, the Skin channel was on his TV, but it was turned on, because Eddie accidentally turned it on while he was trying to get the knife from table to free his tie from the door.

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