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February 3, 2007
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Easy Step is a Smosh video uploaded on February 3, 2007.


Easy Step Block

The Easy Step

The announcer asks, "Are you tired of struggling to climb up to your bed, your car, or even those cumbersome steps? Well, thanks to new break-through technology originally developed for NASA, we were able to bring you the revolutionary new EASY STEP!" (a red cinder block with "EASY STEP" painted on it in black).

Anthony is then shown using the Easy Step to get to several hard to reach places "he had only DREAMED of reaching in the past!" which include a bed, a car, steps, a telephone, a toilet, and "for the most puzzling of ALL situations, a swimming pool!"

The announcer continues to say, "Easy Step makes the perfect addition to any household! Thanks to the patented Swedish design, it is durable while still maintaining a very light weight!" (Anthony has trouble lifting up the Easy Step, so he puts it on a skateboard and rolls it up the driveway) "Due to its ingenius structure, Easy Step can be transformed into 3 different sizes: Short, Tall, and for those extremely hard to reach places, GRANDE! Everyone's raving about the Easy Step, and if you're not convinced yet, just listen to one of our satisfied cusomers!" (lan propping up his leg with the Easy Step, making the "so-so" hand motion) "Now that you've seen all the amazing things that Easy Step can do for you, stop living in the past and order this cutting edge technology!"

The order information is seen, with Anthony stubbing his toe on the Easy Step and cursing in pain:

This product is no longer for sale due to the fact that we are now bankrupt after paying Smosh Productions to create this commercial. At first, it seemed like a bargain for us, but they found a picture of our CEO naked. Not only was he naked, but he was in a hot tub with Clay Akon. Smosh Productions started making very strange demands such as free elephant rides and pictures of Helen Keller. Next they demanded that we dress in tight leather clothes and do the Macarena... At first we were ashamed to tell you the truth, we all found it to be pretty liberating. We realized it wasn't worth it when they requested we attend a Madonna concert with them. At this point we mutually decided that it was worth it to simply allow them to expose our CEO of his horrible secret. The next day we found our CEO dead next to a stereo system blasting Clay Akon. Our CEO had 99% share of the company and when he died, all his money went to his cats. We are now looking for work. Please call us.

"Imitation products sell for over $100, but you can get your hands on the Easy Step for six easy payments of $19.95! Order within the next...uh, 17 minutes, and you'll recieve a limited edition Owen Wilson talking picture frame! And if that isn't enough, we'll also throw in a free-" (it cuts off for Breaking News).

Breaking News

Tom Cruise (played by lan) is seen on screen holding various papers and saying, "The Easy Step has been recalled due to 27 related deaths." Before he can continue, he gets a message. "I've just been fired. But I suppose I deserve it, because I've been sleeping with the producer's wife." He has a smug expression on his face while saying it, but the director (played by Anthony) tells him he got fired for being late. Tom's face changes, and he asks, "So no one found out I slept with her?". He then looks straight into the camera and the episode ends.


  • During the Breaking News segment, there's a Green Screen reflection on the glass table, and around the edges of Ian.
  • The "Easy Step" is really just a Cinderblock painted red with "Easy Step" written on it.
  • Like "Runbrella (No. 1 MOTHER'S DAY GIFT!)," "The Harry Potter Pill," "Just Like Link," and "Easy Poop," the order information has no relation to the product, whatsoever.
  • The news channel logo reads: "[Smosh Symbol] News"
  • This was the first Smosh infomercial ever made.
  • When Anthony steps onto the Easy Step outside before the testimonial, there are Christmas lights hanging on the house. This video was uploaded in February, but could have been filmed in December or January.
  • During the part where the satisfied customer (played by Ian) is asked about how he's satisfied, Sparky can be seen outside.
  • The Easy Step can be seen years later in Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 3, where Ian (after catching Charlie flirting with Ian's Ex-Girlfriend, fights Charlie and slams it on him. It also returns in the 2014 video, Molester Moon.
  • The Easy Step is mentioned in the video Douche Board Commercial.

Shut Up! Opening

Order now! Order now! Order now! Order now! Order now! SHUT UP!



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