Easy Poop is a Smosh extra uploaded on June 19, 2009.

Easy Poop


June 19, 2009

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Extra from Episode 8

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The Commercial

Billy Mays (Anthony) introduces himself like an infomercial and asks the viewer if they have trouble going "number two" and are tired of wasting their time on the toilet, so he introduces the "Easy Poop" (a Shop Vac with a girdle on the end of the tube). A product the makers of the Easy Step, and the Easy Sweep bring to change the way people go to the bathroom forever. (Ian is then seen saying "Wow!")

Ian is then shown using the Easy Poop as Billy Mays continues to explain how the Easy Poop Works, explaining that the device will suck your excrements in mere seconds, which then burns your crap and releases it into the air with a light pot-pourri smell. He ends that by saying that the Easy Poop is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Ian is then shown fastening the "Patented Girdle" to his butt, then he "simply turns it on" and lets the Easy Poop "work its magic" as it sucks "your bum nuggets" right out.

The camera goes back to Billy Mays who then says that once it's done, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the pot-pourri smell. We then go back to Billy, who then says if you're not convinced yet to listen to the testimonials.

Ian is seen sitting on the couch without pants. Ian says that he thinks it's great that he doesn't have to wait around to "drop a deuce" anymore; all he has to do is strap on the Easy Poop and he's good to go. Ian is shown on the couch again but captioned as "Flean Flecox". This time, he says that sometimes after eating a lot of Mexican food, he wouldn't be able to make it to the bathroom in time to ride the "porcelain pony", but with the Easy Poop, he's only a few seconds away from relief. Ian is once shown again but this time, he is captioned as Peein Pecox. Ian starts his testimonial, but notices the text, and sarcastically says to someone off camera that they couldn't get anyone else for testimonals

We go back to Billy Mays, who concludes by telling the viewer that they've now seen how the Easy Poop works and how it's "built for you", cuts to the order screen.

An ordering screen then comes out, with an announcer saying to order now and recieve 2 rocks, 5 pieces of plastic and 16 sheets of printer paper. And in the next 15 minutes they'll recieve this limited edition Stephen Hawking talking picture frame with Stephen Hawking's real voice. The Hawking picture frame then talks, saying "Hey, wanna see me pop a wheelie, bitches!!!" in his computer voice.


  • Like the Runbrella, Master Sword, Harry Potter Pill, and Easy Step, the order information has no relation to the product whatsoever.
  • The Easy Poop is really a Shop Vac with a girdle at the end of the tube and "Easy Poop" written on pink paper taped around it.
  • The video is not uploaded on YouTube by Smosh but by a fan channel called ExtraSmoshVideos.