Earth is Lost


September 17, 2012

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Characters Featured:

Baby Earth, Black Hole, Uranus, Neptune, Sol, Satyrn, Mercury, Venuscz, Mars, Jupiter

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Earth Is Lost is the premier episode of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Planets. It was uploaded on September 17, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: When Baby Earth goes missing, the rest of the Planets need to work together to rescue him from a Black Hole disguised as an ice cream truck.


The planets are playing Monopoly. Uranus then tells the other planets to say goodbye to some money. While the other planets groan to the bad joke he made. Jupiter then asks Uranus why they agreed to play Monopoly with real money. Uranus tells Jupiter that it was to make it more interesting. Baby Earth then comes in and asks if he could play Monopoly. Uranus tells Baby Earth that the other planets whom he calls idiots don't know how to play Monopoly, then the planets begin arguing about the game again. Neptune tells Earth that Monopoly is a grown up game to play so Neptune tells Baby Earth to go and play a game some where else. Earth agrees and goes off to play a game by himself.

Baby Earth is busy wandering off when suddenly an ice cream truck arrives. A Black Hole appears at the counter and asks Baby Earth if he is ready for some special treats. Baby Earth tells the Black Hole that he deserves special treats because he is special as well. Black Hole then tells Baby Earth that it'll rip him to pieces. Baby Earth then says that it sounded delicous but he didn't have any money. The Black Hole told him that he could work something out. Back at the Monopoly game the planets were still arguing with Uranus. Mars then speaks into a microphone and tells the planets that the planets were doing it for the future. Venuscz then asks where is Baby Earth. Satyrn then realises that they lost Baby Earth. One of the planets calls for Baby Earth. The planets then hear the music of a ice cream truck. Sol asks the planets if the noise reminded them of anything. One of the planets answers ice cream. Sol tells them that he heard about a black hole serial killer driving around in a stolen ice cream truck. Satyrn asks Sol why he didn't tell them before.

Back at the ice cream truck the Black Hole is sucking Baby Earth towards him. Suddenly the planets appear and tell Baby Earth to back away from the ice cream truck. Black Hole then says "This planet is mine!" Satyrn then tells the planets to hug together to get Baby Earth back. The planets begin to hug each other. Satyrn tells the planets that they won't be able to get Baby Earth back without Uranus. Uranus then began telling the planets that they wouldn't be able to do it without him. Sol then tells Uranus to shut up and hug him. Finally Baby Earth begins to go back to the other planets and says "Thanks guys". Black Hole then says that they may have defeated him but he will be back. The ice cream truck then drives off. Then while the planets are starting to talk, Uranus ends the episode by saying that they should "learn math so you can count my blessings". The other planets then all look at Uranus who then says "I mean, mah money."


Earth is Lost/Script

Shut Up! Opening

The best game ever? Can I play? SHUT UP! Cartoons!


  • Pluto is not really a planet, it is a dwarf planet.



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