My boss is so mean. He won't let me go on Facebook. SHUT UP!

—Shut Up! Opening

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February 26, 2010 (Smosh)

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Anthony, Ian, Predator

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EDITOR! is a Smosh video uploaded on February 26, 2010. Anthony has to put up with his demanding boss while at work.

Brief Synopsis

With Ian playing the boss from hell, how is poor Anthony supposed to concentrate and make those jugs look friggin' gigantic?


Monday 12:50 PM

Anthony, the editor, is busy playing solitaire when he hears the loud voice of his boss, Ian. Anthony minimizes the window to show a picture of a hot girl as Ian comes in Anthony's cubicle yelling at him that his job is to "make the skanks look hot." Ian holds up a picture of a hot girl and reminds Anthony that "hot girls have huge goddamn jugs." Ian demands Anthony to make the girl's breasts "the size of Shaquille O'Neal's goddamn head." Ian leaves Anthony's cubicle before peering back in shouting, "FIX IT!"

Monday 3:30 PM

Anthony is using Photoshop to make the girl's breasts appear larger in the photo, when Ian comes in and yells at Anthony that someone could trip over a pile of boxes in Anthony's cubicle and "break their goddamn neck." Anthony apologizes, but Ian picks up a picture of a girl and yells at him for the girl being ugly. Anthony says that the girl looks fine, but Ian yells that he'll show it to his boss and get Anthony fired. He slams the picture back on the desk and leaves, only to trip on the pile of boxes.

Monday 4:15 PM

Ian is about to leave Anthony's cubicle, when he notices a crudely drawn drawing on the wall. He asks if Anthony's little brother did it, in which Anthony says that he did. At first it looked like he was going to yell, but Ian then says, "It's nice."

Wednesday 2:15 PM

Ian peeks his head in the doorway of Anthony's cubicle and shouts, "EDITOR!"

Wednesday 2:30 PM

Ian peeks his head from the walls of Anthony's cubicle and shouts, "EDITOR!"

Wednesday 2:42 PM

Ian rises and spins in place in Anthony's cubicle and slowly shouts, "EDITOR!"

Wednesday 4:30 PM

Anthony is making a fat girl look skinny, when Ian comes in and shouts, "GODDAMN IT EDITOR! THIS HOOKER FACE ISN'T HOT!" Anthony says that the girl's face is hot to him, but Ian complains that her neck is "normal sized," and demands that he make it longer. Anthony shouts in response, "OKAY BOSS, I'LL GET IT DONE!"

Thursday 11:30 AM

Ian comes in and yells at Anthony because he didn't tell him to make the girl into a "goddamn giraffe." Anthony tells Ian that he had the new guy work on that one. Ian says that he'll give the new guy "a piece of [his] goddamn mind," and leaves Anthony's cubicle. Ian enters another office used by the Predator and shouts, "GODDAMN IT PREDATOR!"

Thursday 3:11 PM (Deleted)

Ian yells at Anthony calling him "EDITOR" which he doesn't like. Ian was confused, but Anthony said that he doesn't need to called "Editor" all the time and can call him Anthony. Ian asked Anthony what his job was. Anthony was about to say what he does, but Ian answered saying his job and that he'll call him editor and left.

Thursday 4:19 PM (Deleted)

When Anthony was getting some water, another employee asked Anthony why a Dalmatian can't play hide and seek. Anthony asked why and the other employee said that they are always spotted saying it like a joke. When Ian came to the aqueduct he asked Anthony if it was recess time. Anthony just said that he was getting something to drink, but Ian threw a towel that was wrapping around his neck at Anthony and told him to go back to work making the Hughes look hot.

Thursday 4:50 PM (Deleted)

As Anthony was working, Ian wanted to know if the figure was Hugo Kadichu. Anthony wanted to know what he could which Ian said to make it more blush. Ian said it needed to be more blush two more times. Afterwards, Ian thought she looked super hot.







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