Drunk Driving in GTA 5 is the fifty-fourth installment in the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on September 27, 2013 on and on October 4, 2013 on YouTube.


The Smosh Games crew play GTA V on drunk mode with 2 lives with 3 stars and 1 life with 4 stars.


Two people with shortest time have to take shots of different kitchen condiments.

Turn order

  1. Ian
  2. Sohinki
  3. Lasercorn
  4. Jovenshire
  5. Mari
  6. Anthony


  1. Mari - 7 minutes
  2. Sohinki - 6 minutes 32 seconds
  3. Anthony - 6 minutes 28 seconds
  4. Jovenshire - 6 minutes 17 seconds
  5. Ian - 6 minutes 9 seconds
  6. Lasercorn - 5 minutes 55 seconds


  • Initially they intended to play with 5 stars but Ian was shot after few seconds two times so they changed to 3 stars.
  • During the the announcement of the final scores, Sohinki joked that Mari "finally won a Game Bang that is not a dancing game", a reference to her recent high number of consecutive losses and the fact that she has never lost such a category (even though at that point, she had only won two of the seven previous dancing games played).
  • The whole footage of them explaining the punishment was added to the second version of the video which was uploaded on YouTube.
  • It seems that Ian knew what the punishment drinks were beforehand as he said that he was going for the honey and he wouldn't mind butter. Later he got exactly those two things.
  • This was Ian and Lasercorn's fourth punishment together

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