Driver's Ed Crap Rap
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February 8, 2013 (Smosh)
February 10, 2013 (El Smosh)

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I-Dawg, A-Dizzle, babes, police, robber, driver's ed teacher, Jar Jar Binks

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Driver's Ed Crap Rap! is a Smosh video uploaded on February 8, 2013.


10 years ago, Ian and Anthony made a video for Driver's Ed class, which was recently found.


I-Dawg (Ian) and A-Dizzle (Anthony) sing a song about Driver's Education, about how how fun it is to have your own car, and what you need to do while driving and how to pass the Driver's Ed test. This also tells the origins of how they got interested in rap music.

At the end of the song, the Gangstas are trying to stop the camera, which A-Dizzle asked his dad how to it, but I-Dawg found the off switch.

Deleted Scene #1

While singing in the bedroom, I-Dawg is exploring the room with the disco globe while A-Dizzle is singing.

Deleted Scene #2

While singing in the bedroom, A-Dizzle is eating a bag of chips while I-Dawg is singing.


UH! High school!
Driver's Ed!
And A-Dizzle
Teaching people about driving and stuff.
Yeah, we're getting extra credit for this one.
Jump in my bomb-diggity car!
Let's do this! Yeah!

First, make sure that you buckle up your seatbelt
'Cause if you don't and get in a wreck, you will be killed.
Your body will be in pieces and look all icky;
Your blood will be all over the place
And it will be real sticky.
When a cop pulls you over for speeding,
Just start peeing f-f-for the time being.
He'll think that your crazy and run away
Or he'll give you a ticket, make your mom pay!

If you pass your test, your gonna drive a car
And drive it around town like a super-star.
We could go to the mall or laser tag;
We can drive with no hands, but we ain't gonna brag

If you pass the test, your gonna drive a car.
If you get a lotta gas, you can go real far
To the gym your work out on your pecs
So all the ladies can gives you lots of sex.

I went to Compton,
Some muggers tried to jack me.
They pulled out a gun a-a-and tried to cap me.
You should always carry a weapon in your car
Like a bat, a stapler, a towel, or a metal bar.
A girl once sent me boobie shots
I liked it a lot until I hit a mailbox.
I drove off the road looking at a breast
And that's how I failed my first driving test.

If you pass your test, your gonna drive a car
And drive it around town like a super-star.
We could go to the mall or laser tag;
We can drive with no hands, but we ain't gonna brag

If you pass the test, your gonna drive a car.
If you get a lotta gas, you can go real far
To the gym your work out on your pecs
So all the ladies can gives you lots of sex.

Don't you ever flipping try to ghostride your whip
'Cause you just might trip.
Have a nip-slip. Ah.
Flip on your hip,
Bit the tip of a chip,
Take a road trip and skinny dip on a cruise ship.
Always look both ways on the street
Unless you wanna get beat by a car!
It'll run you over and drag you're body real far.
Then no one will like you
Just like Jar Jar.

So that's how you drive an automobile,
That's all you need to know
So grab the wheel.
Quit being an idiot loser driven by your mom
Becuase driving yourself is DA BOMB!
Driver's Ed.


Shut Up! Opening

Buca shell necklaces will always be cool. SHUT UP!

Subscription Ending

Thanks for subscribing. Though after watching this video, you probably won't. Next video won't be this crappy though. We promise.

Trivia / Goofs

  • This is the first music video of Smosh's 2013 season.
  • The episode is said as being filmed 10 years ago, making the year it was "filmed" 2003.
  • This is Jar Jar's second appearance; the first was "Disney Star Wars."
    • The "Disney Star Wars" poster is also seen on the wall amongst the other pictures which shows that it wasn't created in 2003.
  • A-Dizzle would've been arrested for peeing on the cop.
  • In the Behind the Scenes/Bloopers video, Anthony is wearing a "Shutup!" shirt from the Smosh store, which didn't exist in 2003. The shirt was first released in 2012.
    • There are also several posters of Subaru Impreza WRX STi's in Ian and Anthony's room, and those cars weren't even built yet until 2004 and 2006.
  • In this episode, A-Dizzle is wearing a SpongeBob watch, which was also seen in "XTREME SLEEPOVER!". Ian was seen using it in "REAL DEATH NOTE!".
  • Most of the lyrics and the subscription ending are misspelled (Example: thanks 4 subscriebng! [click hear 2 subscrieb]), suggesting they were bad spellers.
  • A different Pikachu doll is seen on the dresser rather than the one seen in many other episodes.
  • This is the shortest Smosh video of Season 2013 so far, beating Disney Star Wars by 26 seconds.
  • There were real images found of Ian and Anthony in 2003, revealed that they were just kidding about this. Anthony also said that on his Instagram.
  • Ian has the same hair style that he had in "THAT'S HOT!".
  • After the Jar Jar scene, I-Dawg and A-Dizzle are shirtless for a brief second.
  • In their room, you can see pictures and anime screenshots of mostly scantily clad women, implying that they were extremly preverted during thier adolscent years.
  • This song was a parody of "What You Know About Math".. You can click here to watch on YouTube.
  • Ian and Anthony's nicknames are "I-Dawg" "A-Dizzle" which are The Gangstas names.



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