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May 24, 2013 (Smosh)
May 25, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, babes, Mari, grandparents, Billy, Brent, police, killer bear

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Dixon Cider is a Smosh music video uploaded on May 24, 2013.


"A small business in the nearby town of Dixon is going bankrupt, so we made a music video to help them out. Now, they're threatening to sue us. I guess you'll see why from this video...


Deleted Intro Scene

Ian tells the company that they love their apple cider. Anthony said that they heard about the company going bankrupt and that they wanted to help them out by making a music video and put it on YouTube. He then says to check out the video.

Deleted Ending Scene

Anthony asked the company what they thought of the video. The child of the parents who run the company said that he saw mommy getting Dixon Cider last night from Ian and Anthony. The father grabbed a machine gun and Ian and Anthony started to run away from him. The father then started to fire the gun where the boys were running.


Sometimes you have bad days;
Days when you think nothing can bring you up
But if you got a girl,
You got nothing to worry about.
Just listen here
And we'll tell you just what's up

Grab your girl and have some Dixon Cider
And show her love with your Dixon Cider
And fill her full with lots of Dixon Cider
In her mouth hole flowing down inside her
Then grab her grandma get some Dixon Cider;
Too old to handle all the Dixon Cider
And show her family your Dixon Cider
In her mouth hole flowing down inside her

You might not get it yet
So I'm gonna tell you again.
Hey hey! Ho!
Then you can shout it out
And go tell all of your friends
Hey hey! Ho!
I love Dixon Cider and I will
'Til the day that I die
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
I would even choose it over...
Umm. I guess, pie?

It makes me feel so good
I wanna have more Dixon Cider
If I don't get enough, I'll beg and plead
'Cause girl you know just what I neeeeeed
I'm on a mission for some Dixon Cider
If your girl don't want it then you best go hide her
'Cause I'll find her and give her Dixon Cider
Push, shove it all down inside her
Make her thirst for some Dixon Cider
Put it on a string so I can ride her
All day, everyday. Dixon Cider
Can't wait to pour it all inside her

I was thirteen when I had my first Dixon Cider
I had so much, when I'd talk, I would slur
Parents didn't like it, but there was nothing they could do.
Then my mama tried it and she started slurring too
My dad said, "No more Dixon Cider until you're older!"
I said, "Hell no!" So I rolled him over with a boulder
And now my ass is stuck in this crappy foster care
Can anyone save me from this killer bear?!
No no get away from me bear!

It don't matter who you are: white, black, Asian, or Hispanic,
There's no need to panic; you know this sh**'s organic
If you don't get enough, it can make you go nuts
Grab your Dixon Cider (it's so good); wash it down with donuts.
Grab your girl and get some Dixon Cider
Sweet sweet love you will provide her
Fill her full with lots of Dixon Cider
In her mouth hole flowing down inside her
Then shower her with Dixon Cider
With all your clothes on that's what I prefer
Show your love with Dixon Cider
Push and shove it all down inside her

So that's the deal and we hope you understand
We want the whole world with Dixon Cider in its hand
If you're wondering what this song is really all about,
We're talking about shoving pe**s in her mouth
Oh oh oh oh hey! Oh oh oh oh ah! Oh oh oh oh hah! Oh oh oh oh yeah!


  • One day after this video, Smosh reached 10 million subscribers.
  • This was Smosh's entry video for "YouTube Comedy Week 2013".
  • "Dixon Cider" is an obvious pun on "Dicks Inside Her" or "Dicks and Cider".
  • According to the credits, Mari was one of the dancers and Floyd Harden played the Grandpa.
  • Billy Hamburger appeared in the Foster Care scene holding the Pikachu doll from Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE.
  • During the part where the Foster Care Kid Rapper is being eaten by the bear, the classic Fake Severed Arm prop is thrown.
  • The line "Wash it down with donuts" is a reference to Food Battle, as lan holds the same kind of Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donut he uses every year.
  • This song is available on iTunes, in censored and explicit versions.
  • The song acts as Ian's ringtone in the next video, We're Stuck Together!!!.
  • A T-Shirt based on this song is available at the Smosh Store.
  • This is the second time the subscription ending has part of the song in it, the first being Ultimate Assassin's Creed 3 Song.
  • This video released the same day as the game Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.
  • This is the second music video of 2013 with the first being DRIVER'S ED CRAP RAP!.
  • According to the lyrics, Smosh now censors the word "penis" (which was never censored), instead of "dick" (which was occasionally censored).
  • This is the second song to contain sexual innuendos in it, the first is 2011's Meat in Your Mouth.
  • This is the first time where the song is sung entirely in Spanish for El Smosh. Before, all the songs were in English with Spanish subtitles.
    • In the El Smosh version, it doesn't talk about being Asian.
  • When Ian and Anthony are flashing their penises, Anthony's is bigger than Ian's. However, Ian's is bigger in REJECTED VIDEOS!.

Shut Up! Opening

"Hey, do you guys wanna hear a punny joke? SHUT UP!"

Subscription Ending

"Click the subscribe button if you want Dixon Cider. I know I'll be clicking that button all night.

Grab your girl and have some Dixon Cider
And show her love with your Dixon Cider
And fill it her full with lots of Dixon Cider
In her mouth hole flowing down inside her.''"




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