Devin Nitley Love
Pubertina 6


June 6, 2012

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Characters Featured:

Pubertina, Debs, Devin Nitley

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Ruff Ruff's Dilemma

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Deb's Obsession Part 1

Devin Nitley Love is the sixth episode of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Pubertina. It was uploaded on June 6, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: Deb's cousin Devin has a crush on Pubertina, but she discovers a side of him that one would not expect to find.


Devin, Debs' cousin, is in his room, looking in the mirror, rubbing his stomach, and saying to himself, "I have an exeptional tummy." Pubertina and Debs are sitting on the grass, Pubertina picking the petals off of a flower, saying, "Andrew loves me, he loves me not," and Debs just chilling with her sunglasses on. Suddenly, Debs says, "You know, I think my cousin likes you." Pubertina asks why, and Debs tells her that he's been taking pictures of her. Pubertina finds this creepy, but becomes captivated by him when he controls the minds of bugs, and introduces himself as "the young artist, Devin Nitely." Pubertina asks if he's sure that it's his name, and Devin takes her hand. Debs interrupts the two by saying, "So are you two gonna get a room?" and breaks them apart. She then pulls Pubertina away, saying, "C'mon, Pubes! We don't need this!"

In Debs' room, Pubertina and Debs are sitting on her bed. Debs tells Pubertina, "I know you want a boyfriend, but I don't think Devin is the one for you." Pubertina agrees that Devin is a bit "eccentric," and Debs tells her that he keeps ice cream in his pants. Devin comes in the room, saying that he's just finished his latest masterpiece. He goes on to say, "Entire classes will be based on its beauty and suttle nuances of wonder. It represents my every emotion, everything I've ever dreamt of, everything I've ever lived for, and everything you have ever lived for, and everything everyone has ever lived for. It represents our place in the universe. It is a grand work, that explores what it means to be human." While saying this, he whips Pubertina around, which leaves her dazed. He then asks if she wants to see the "masterpiece." It turns out to be Pubertina's face. She starts to compliment the painting, but Devin interrupts her, asking if she can wiggle her ears without moving the rest of her face. When Pubertina replies no, he asks if she can make a clover with her tongue. Before Devin has a chance to answer, Debs bursts in the room and asks what's going on. Pubertina says, "Devin and I are going steady!" Debs tells her that she tried to warn her, but "Devin takes pictures of lots of girls. Lots of paintings too. Watercolors, acrylics, oils, there was this one nude, but his mom ripped it out of his charcoal notebook." Pubertina asks, "So what, you're like an Andy Warhol factory or something?" Devin replies, "Let's just say this tummy's seen a lot of raspberries."


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