Debs' Obsession Part 2
Pubertina 8


June 20, 2012

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Pubertina, Debs, Doris

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Deb's Obsession Part 2 is the eighth episode of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Pubertina. It was uploaded on June 20, 2012

Brief Synopsis: Debs feels left out when Pubertina makes a new imaginary friend named Rebs.


Pubertina is eating lunch at a picnic table, talking to someone who isn't there. Debs comes up to her and asks who her new friend is, and Pubertina introduces her as "Rebs," short for Rebekah. Debs says that Rebekah is a beautiful name, and that it's much prettier than Debra, her own name. Pubertina says, "Debs, that's not true," but Debs goes into full-on angry mode, yelling, "Well I hope you and your new MADE UP friend have a fabulous life together! Coincidentally, I have made a new friend as well! Her name is, um...Doris, and she has a really great...STICKER COLLECTION!" Pubertina tries to reason with her, but Debs stomps away, leaving Pubertina sad.

Debs is later seen coloring a very detailed picture of a knife stabbing Pubertina, as well as a bomb exploding next to her. She is talking to herself, mimicking Pubertina, and saying, "Oh, Rebekah, you're my new best friend! I'm gonna tell you all my secrets and let you sniff all my tampons, and you can even put them in if you want because I love you SO MUCH!" A nearby boy is coloring his own picture, but he hears everything Debs says, and almost barfs when she mimicks Pubertina giving Rebekah permission to put in Pubertina's used tampons. Debs' 4th grade teacher calls her mom, and has the following conversation: "Hello, Mrs. Sherman. Yes, it's her perogative to draw whatever she feels. Um, Ok, I have a Masters, and I was a PHD canidate, and now I'm teaching 9 year olds, so you can literally go shove it." While her teacher is on the phone, Debs is rolling around on the ground, saying bits of understandable words, such as, "This is not a good feeling!" and "Is this what PMS feels like?"

On the playground, Debs pushes away a girl's sticker book, and tells her to get away from her. The sticker book reads, "Doris' Sticker Book," and the girl says, "But I have new stickers!" Debs says, "I. DON'T. CARE!" Pubertina is sitting in a sandbox with "Rebekah," and asks her what her favorite Rusty Sprinkler song is. A response isn't heard, and Pubertina says, "Can't choose? I get that." Meanwhile, Debs sneaks into Pubertina's backpack and takes out one of her tampons to remember her by.

Later, Debs is crying in the tunnel on the playground, and Pubertina comes in the tunnel to comfort her. When Debs doesn't answer and continues crying, Pubertina tells her that their break from friendship is over. Debs smiles at her for a second, but goes cold once more to ask about "Rebs." Pubertina tells her that they were playing dodgeball, and Johnny threw the ball a little bit too hard at Rebs, and she disappeared. The two girls make up, and slide down the slide together. Pubertina gives her a present, a training bra, and Debs accepts it, saying that it's beautiful. Pubertina says she has to go change her tampon, and asks Debs if she wants to come with her. When they reach her cubby, Pubertina can't find the last tampon in her bag, and asks Debs if she took it. Debs laughs at such a ridiculious thing, (even though she did take it) and they walk out the school doors.


  • At first, Debs is seen drawing a picture of a knife stabbing Pubertina, as well as a bomb exploding, but after it zooms in on a boy near Debs hearing everything she is saying and becoming disgusted, her picture changes to a close up of Pubertina's head with a knife in it, with the words "REDRUM" around it.
    • Another continuity error is that when Debs sneaks into Pubertina's backpack to take her tampon, the cubby labels read, "Henry, Andrew, Vero, Pubes, Millie, Chloe, Alana, and Alexa." When Pubertina comes back to check if she has any tampons, left, the cubby labels read, "Dyl :), Andrew, Vero, Pubes, Millie, Elena, Alana, and Alexa.


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