Dead Space 2 Vs. Dante's Inferno is the second installment in the SmoshGames show PVP. The topic for this episode is scary monsters in video games.

Round 1

Which was a scarier boss fight? Del Lago from RE4 (Jovenshire) vs. Dr. Salvador from RE5 (Lasercorn)

Del Lago

  1. The beast can be a shock to those who see a small, beautiful lake.
  2. When it knocks players out of the boat and they have to immediately start rapid input sequencing, it can make them anxious.
  • With a chainsaw, it happens and you're done. 
  • While you can outrun Salvador, the lake monster is far faster than Leon.

Dr. Salvador

  1. He has an instant kill move.
  2. He has a bag over his head.
  • A Chainsaw isn't quick. (it has to go through arteries, cartilage, and bone)

Round 2

Which is the scarier baby creature? Unbaptized Babies from Dante's Inferno (Sohinki) vs. Kid Necromorphs from Dead Space 2 (Lasercorn)

Unbaptized Babies

  1. They have blades for arms.
  2. They flail them around like real babies stumble.
  • Hell is creepier than a nursery.

Kid Necromorphs

  1. They had twisted heads.
  2. They are found in a nursery, which is a creepy environment itself.
  3. They have the intent to explode on the player.
  • The implied backstory for the area is creepier than Hell.

Round 3

Who is the scarier gaming hazard? Abominable Snow Monster from SkiFree (Jovenshire) vs. Servant Grunts from Amnesia: the Dark Descent (Sohinki)

Abominable Snow Monster

  1. He is a tool of inevitable death.
  2. He gobble the skiier whole then dances.
  • You can beat Amnesia, but you can't beat SkiFree because of this monster.

Servant Grunts

  1. The skii beast is kind of adorable.
  2. The only method of surviving against them is to run and hide.
  3. Unlike running from the snow monster, running from Grunts is no fun.
  • If the two creatures met, the Grunts would drive the Snow Monster insane.


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