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David Moss





Date of birth

24 April 1984




Jeff Moss (father)


Brina Moss

David Moss, also known as Lasercorn, is one of the six hosts of Smosh Games.


David was formerly known to appear on Clevver Games, In 2011 Lasercorn's First Appearence Is Lasercorn's 1st Vlog In You Tube. but as of September 2012 Smosh and Clevver Games announced the switch-over. During this switch over, ClevverGames is now as we know it as Smosh Games. David is engaged, and his fiancée has not yet appeared in any Smosh Games videos that we know of. It is possible that she could have been seen in the background of some videos. David also mentions that he is the oldest of the Smosh Games crew. He also has his own channel called Lasercorn at February 26, 2013.


David has short dirty orange hair and brown eyes, his first appearance is Lasercorn's 1st Vlog in You Tube. He is the third tallest member of the Smosh Games crew. He usually wears T-shirts and Jeans. One shirt he has worn references the popular Youtube music video "Threw it on the Ground", created by the group "The Lonely Island", has had people calling it "the best shirt ever." Much like his fellow SmoshGames host, Jovenshire, David also has a tattoo on his back. It is a picture of a Unicorn with a rocket on his tail and shooting lasers out of its horn. Jovenshire then saw the tattoo and asked David if he could start calling him "Lasercorn", responding to him "I'm weirdly okay with that."

As of June 2014, Lasercorn's hair has been dyed orange. He had to dye it this colour after losing a "cage match" to Sohinki, the footage for which can be seen in 22nd June 2014's bonus video. As an added forfeit, he has to keep it this colour for an entire month. He appears to like his new hair colour though, as he has not gone back to his original hair colour.

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Tumblr mtwmefFju31saxovyo1 1280

Lasercorn and his wife on their wedding day

  • Lasercorn gets his nickname from a tattoo on his back of a unicorn shooting a laser. Jovenshire gave him the name after seeing the tattoo.
    • Lasercorn's tattoo was referenced strongly in the Robot Unicorn Tattoos! Game Bang, where the loser would get a tattoo, based on Lasercorn's, drawn on their back with permanent marker.
  • He loves to shoot people in the testicles in any game with a gun or bow.
  • As shown in the many dancing Game Bangs, Lasercorn has proven not to be a very good dancer, landing in the bottom three on seven out of ten occasions (excluding Just Dance Rematch, where he came first, Breaking It Down In 2014 and Just Dance Like No One is Watching).
  • His signature move during Kinect challenges is "Raptor Claws".
  • He mentioned in a personal channel video that he used to work as a lifeguard. 
  • As of August 2013, David is married to Brina.
  • Under his real name, Lasercorn participated in a 2009 episode of American Ninja Warrior wearing a green morphsuit, but failed to make it through the obstacle course. He confirmed this in November 2013 in a Q&A video on his personal channel.
  • Lasercorn is the oldest member of the Smosh Games crew.
    • The American Ninja Warrior footage on his channel presented him as "David Moss (25), Editor", so we can assume that he was born in 1984.
  • His real name is the same as a national hockey player for the Phoenix Coyotes.
  • Until 28 March 2014, Lasercorn held the record for most consecutive wins on Smosh Game Bang with 4 (PlayStation Smash Bros, Mario Mud Tackling, Protect the Flag and Bustin Makes Me Feel Good (21/12/12-11/1/13)).
  • Jeff Moss (David's father) appeared in a special video uploaded on 10th June 2014 which sees David and Matt (Sohinki) playing against their dads in a "grudge match".
  • In a Q&A video on his own channel, he has stated that he considers himself to be the best SmoshGames gamer. 
  • It has been shown multiple times that he is one of the strongest members out of the smoshgames group a notable example would be that he was capable of tearing maris toy to pieces with little to no difficulty in We Slaughter Helpless Critters.
  • It's been shown multiple times that Lasercorn is the most violent member of smosh games (and as a possible extention one of the darkest members) since he is often portrayed as the villain in maricraft by killing the other players and betraying them for fun, another example would be that in the skyrim videos he installed a mod that allowed him to kill children and he said in Top 5 Useless Guns that he prefered to kill the tiger from dead rising 2 rather than tame it.
  • It has also been shown that he is feared (at times) by the other members a notable example would be in Attack On Lasercornia everyone was terrorfied and unsettled by lasercorns calm approach after they had destroyed Lasercornia.
  • Lasercorn has been shown many times to experience Schadenfreude (pleasure in the misfortune of others).
  • In Why We're Single videos, Lasercorn has shown the tendency to repeat the theme of the video (i.e. the subject that will be talked about), prior to his answers to the theme. This linguistic 'formula', if you will, is then often followed by "let's see...". 


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