Danger Zone! is the fifth installment in the Smosh Games series Grand Theft Smosh.

It was uploaded on 7th November 2013 on both and YouTube.

Major events

  • Mari plays for the first time in Smosh Games studio.
  • The theme of the episode is sky battle with planes. The first one to reach 10 kills (while comitting suicide is minus one point) wins. Jovenshire, Lasercorn, Sohinki and Mari are joined by two fans - Kill Of Duty and JhonLobo1309.
  • The first round is won by Kill Of Duty. Other known standings are: Sohinki - second and Jovenshire - fifth.
  • The second round is won also by Kill Of Duty. Other known standings are: Lasercorn - second, Sohinki - third, Jovenshire - fourth and Mari - fifth, and by process of elimintaion, JhonLobo1309 - sixth.
  • The third round is won by Sohinki. Other known standings are: Kill Of Duty - second and Jovenshire - fifth.
  • The fourth round (without guest players) is won by Sohinki. Other standings are: Jovenshire - second, Lasercorn - third and Mari - fourth.


  • The title of the episode is a reference to Kenny Logins' song "Danger Zone" which was most known through American movie "Top Gun".
  • In 6:24 there is censoring error (the sound is too early) and you can clearly hear Mari saying "fucked up".


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