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Dan Padilla (born 1965) is character portrayed by Floyd Harden in BADASS NEW POWER RANGERS, Kendrick Wells in I Have a Secret Son (as Kwan), Ethan Ireland in If Holidays Were Real, Ian Hecox in Food Battle 2008 and Anthony Padilla in Worst Proposals Ever. Anthony's real dad has appeared in a deleted video of Anthony's and Kalel's channel WatchUsLiveAndStuff and in a video of Lunchtime w/ Smosh with Ian Hecox's dad Stephan Hecox. He is also half Filipino.

The Character

In Food Battle 2008, at the beginning, Anthony's Dad shouted at Anthony saying "Anthony are you watching Toy Story again?" and "You know that it's not real right?". In If Holidays Were Real, Anthony's Dad tricks his own son into getting him a Mother's Day present and a Father's Day present. In "BADASS NEW POWER RANGER, Anthony's Dad comes in asking his son to take out the trash. In I Have a Secret Son, Kwan confesses to Antoinette


  • Anthony has however posted a picture of his parents before his birth on instagram, showing his father on the left. He also posted another picture of him having lunch with his real dad on Father's Day.
    • Numerous people have commented on the photo of his parents saying they looked like him and Kalel.
  • Anthony's real dad played future Anthony in Toy Airplane.
  • Anthony's father was seen in a "WatchUsLiveAndStuff" video and he also appeared in a "Fathers Day" Lunchtime with Smosh video.
  • There was a rumor that Anthony's dad died in 2008 but it's not true and Anthony has proved it.
  • Anthony's real dad's name is "Dan".
  • Anthony stated in his Draw My Life video that his parents divorced when he was two.
  • his last name is similar to Daniel Padilla and Robin Padilla popular actor's in the Philippines they might be distantly related.


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