Gorger's Without Dubstep

Narrator: Gorger's baby food is all natural, with the right nutrients for your growing baby.

Mother: Eat your food... (Tries to feed the baby)  Mmm... ye-

In real life

Ian: (Pauses the commercial) WHAT THE F**K IS THIS S**T?  JOHNSON, YOU'RE FIRED! (Throws the remote at his head)

Johnson: Oh! (Dies)

Ian: We make commercials for a living people! We need excitement! We need...

Stereotypical Nerd: MORE BOOBS!!

Ian: No, Stereotypical Nerd! We need...

Mike: Dubstep.... (spins swivel chair 90 degrees)

Mike: Thats right gentlemen, dubstep.

Ian: And what exactly is this... dubsteps...??

Old Man: It's this that Goddamn robot music I caught my kid listening to?!

Mike: Yes! It is all that and more. For instance, see what happens when I take your... boring baby food commercial and give it some... (Close-up view of  Mike's mouth)... DUBSTEP.


Gorger's with Dubstep

(The mother tries to feed her child and as for the child starts crying then the mother screams "EAT YOUR FOOD!!!", then bass drop starts playing as the mother throw food at her child,randomness happens then the mother pours the baby food to her child then the mother drinks the baby food the barf it on her child.)

Music stops.

Back in real life

Ian: Wow. That was some really weird SH*T.

Mike Diva: (Joyfully Smilling)

Ian: Well, anyway, uhh what can these "Dubsteps" do for our line of air freshing products?

Mike Diva: A DUBSTEP...!


Face Drop Plug Ins with Dubstep

Narrator: Introducing the new Face Drop Plug Ins... plug it in and fragrance will fill your entire house.

(As the girl insert it in to the socket the bass drop plays and butterflies and aroma fill the room as the girl was being pushed back by the extreme blow of air, then her dress falls off showing her bra.)


Old Man: Sweet Sacajewea! This is highly irregular!

Nerd: Well how about our lines of lotion and lubricants, that stuff is really some people.

Mike Diva: Ah..DUBSTEP (with our smoke coming out his mouth and nose)


Lubie's Lubricant with Dubsteps

(As the bass drop starts, As Anthony is  dancing to the speed of the bass drop, he 'is somehow applying it to an unknown part of his body whether it his dick or not. 

(Ian interrupted the commercial)


Mike: What?! He's just using it for the same reason everyone uses it.

In Lubie's acting room

(Lubie rubs his lubricant in his foot)

Lubie: Yeah get it all in there.

Back at the meeting

Ian: Oh ah, (laughs to himself) yeah I totally use it the same way.

nerd: I don't. (turns around) I use it to ja...

(Ian interrupts the nerd)

Ian: Well what can you dubsteps do for our line of cleaning products?

Mike: (opens his eye patch revealing a mouth which it says for this line) Dubstep. (closes the eyepatch)

Spiffer with Dubsteps

narrator: The new Spiffer mop picks up five percent more dust particles than a normal mop.

(Anthony uses the force to levitate the Spiffer mop making it dance and drop to the ground)

True Commercial

Old Man: It's. Too. Much. (dies of a heart-attack)

Ian: Oh great! Your dubsteps just gave that old man a heart-attack! You know what, we can't do this. What if the dubsteps kill all our potential costumers?!

Mike: NONSENSE! (gets off his chair) DUBSTEP ON EVERYTHING! (gives out loud dubstep music while laughing evilly)

(The nerd shoots out and the Spiffer mops danced on the old man's head were in the meeting)

Ian: What have you done?! What have you done?!

(Johnson is dancing even though he's dead, a female employee's hair set on fire, the baby's eyes glowed red, and the mother puked)



(Mike disappeared and everything turned back to normal with Ian being the only person alive in the room)

(The entire video was a commercial)

Narrator: This video was sponsored by Grape Water. It taste like s**t, but it's got dubstep in the commercial. So you'll buy it anyway.

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