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November 23, 2012 (Smosh)
November 25, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian Hecox, Johnson, Mike Diva, stereotypical nerd, old man, other employees, people in the commercial

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DUBSTEP COMMERCIALS SUCK! is a Smosh video uploaded on November 23, 2012.


Gorger's without Dubstep

In a Gorger's baby food commercial, it says that it is all natural with the growing nutrients for a baby. The mother is trying to feed her baby with the food while he is asleep.

Ian pauses the commercial, disliking it and he fires Johnson (played by Anthony) by throwing a remote on his head, knocking him out. Ian mentioned about making commercials for a living and says that they need more excitement. The stereotypical nerd thought they needed more boobs which Ian doesn't want. Mike Diva thought the commercials need more Dubstep which Ian doesn't know about. An old employee described it as robotic music that he caught his kid listening to. Mike agreed, but also said that it was more than that, giving Ian an example by taking the boring commercial and used Dubstep to improve it.

Gorger's with Dubstep

Back in the commercial, now infused with Dubstep, the mother is trying to feed the baby which he's complaining. When the screen changed color, the mom sounded cruel by splashing the food on the baby with a spoon and even pouring the food straight from the jar on him. She even ate the baby food and barfed out the food feeding the baby like a bird in its regurgitation.

Ian was surprised on how weird the commercial was and wanted to know how Dubstep could be used for air freshener products. Mike gladly gave him dubstep for those.

Face Drop Plug Ins with Dubstep

The new Face Drop Plug Ins which you just plug in and fragrance fills the entire house. When the Dubstep plays, fragrance literally fills the house in the form of a swarm of butterflies. Sometime later the fragrance forced her blouse to fly off and the viewers can see the left side of her bra.

The old man didn't like it because it was highly irregular. The stereotypical nerd is wondering if the dub steps would be used for lotion and lubricant because it is really important for some people. Mike gladly gave the commercial Dubstep.

Lubie's Lubricant with Dubstep

In the Lubie's Lubricant commercial, the dub steps had a colorful background while Lubie (Anthony) was using his lubricant in aw ay that seemed to look like he was using it to masturbate.

Ian interrupts the commercial, telling him that they can't show the commercial on television. Mike explained that he was using for the same reason everyone was using which was for his feet. Ian acted like he used it the same way too, and the nerd was about to say what he used it for, but Ian interrupted him before he could continue and asked Mike what the Dubstep could do for cleaning products, in which Mike happily explained.

Spiffer with Dubstep

In the commercial, it is said that the new Spiffer mop picks up 5% more dust particles then an ordinary mop. Anthony, the man in the commercial, then uses the mop to act like the Spiffer is moving itself telekinetically while Dubstep plays and makes the Spiffer fall to the floor.

True Commercial

The old man gets a heart attack from too much Dubstep. Seeing this, Ian warns that Dubstep might kill any potential customers. Mike disagreed and wanted to give everything in the office Dubstep. The Dubstep caused papers to fly, the nerd to shoot lasers out of his eyes, and the Spiffers to rub on the old man's head. Ian didn't like what Mike done as Johnson came back to life sleeping and dancing while a female employee's hair was on fire. The baby's eyes glowed red and the mother threw up on the nerd from the Dubstep. Ian wants to know who he is which Mike said that he'll never know and vanishes returning everything back to normal.

The entire video was actually a commercial sponsored by Grape Water, which tastes like s**t, but because Dubstep was in the commercial, people will buy it anyway.



Shut Up! Opening

(Making noises with mouth that sounds like Dubstep) SHUT UP!

Subscription Ending

Thanks for subscribing and thanks Mike Diva. You really rocked this video's balls off; and that's a good thing. Unless you you want balls. (Dub steps)


  • The old employee and the mother are the people who had portrayed the grandfather and mother from "Wii U Sports is Awesome!".
  • In the Spiffer comercial the song is "First Of The Year (Equinox)" by Skrillex, and also, Anthony does the same thing to the Spiffer product as the little girl had to the man in the song's music video.
  • The franchise is similar to "First Person Shooters Suck!" and "Motion Gaming Sucks!".
  • What Anthony did to the Spiffer product is similar to what he did in "7YR OLD DOES TWILIGHT!".
  • The Dubsteps were also in "REJECTED TWILIGHT ZONE EPISODES!".
  • All of the songs in this video were put into a collab song included in the Smoshtastic album.
  • Gorger's Baby Food is an obvious spoof of Gerber's Baby Food.



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