Drink Your Piss
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September 14, 2012 (Smosh)
September 16, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Bear Grylls

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DRINK YOUR P!SS is a Smosh video, uploaded on September 14, 2012.


 Ian gets lost in the woods, and Bear Grylls shows up to help him survive. All he has to do is make a shelter, eat some food and drink his own urine!


Ian and Anthony are driving, and Ian tells Anthony that he needs to stop the car because he has to pee. He runs out into the woods to pee because 'he can't go even if anyone is thinking about him going', but can't undo his button fly on his pants.

Ian soon realises he is lost, and yells out that he must survive on his own, shortly before walking into a tree and getting knocked out.

When Ian comes to, he asks what Bear Grylls would do, and he is conveniently standing right behind him because he sensed that someone was in trouble. Bear Grylls tells Ian he needs three things to survive - food, shelter and hydration. He tells Ian that to hydrate himself, he must drink his own piss. Ian instantly refuses, and so Bear Grylls tells Ian to find some food instead.

Ian finds moss on a tree and eats it thinking it will last him the winter, but as he is eating it, Bear Grylls warns Ian that the moss is very poisonous, causing him to spit it out. Bear Grylls tells Ian to look down to see the roasted chicken that someone left for them.

Bear Grylls tells Ian to drink his piss again, but like last time, Ian refuses, so Bear Grylls tells Ian to look for some shelter. Ian picks up some sticks off the ground to make a hut that will have two bedrooms so he and Bear Grylls can have a sleepover, but Ian is actually destroying the last den of the endangered West-African Killer Otter. Ian finds them cute, but they attack his hands. After Ian manages to shake them off, he tramples on them and their nest, killing them. Bear Grylls repremands him for forcing the Otters to extinction, but Ian claims they started it.

Bear Grylls tells Ian to drink his piss for a third time, but Ian refuses again. After a short argument, the two part. Later that day, when the sun is at its highest, Ian runs out of water and becomes really thirsty. Bear Grylls appears sitting on a log, telling Ian once again to drink his piss. Bear Grylls then starts to drink his own piss. Ian watches the piss flow into his mouth and watches in desperation.

Ian finally agrees to drink his own piss and he pees into a bottle. Just has he is drinking his own piss, Anthony pops up out of nowhere and is disgusted at what Ian is doing. Ian tells Anthony that he had to, as he had been out in the woods for days. Anthony tells him he has only been out for 20 minutes, and he isn't lost, as his car is just a few feet away.

Anthony explains that he saw Ian hit his head on the tree, and that he was going to help him but then Ian started talking to himself and building things out of sticks so instead he filmed it on his iPhone. (Bear Grylls was only there in Ian's imagination). Ian sarcastically calls Anthony the best friend ever.

Back in the car, Anthony is still questioning Ian on drinking his own piss, but Ian says he doesn't want to talk about it. Ian tries to drive home, but the car won't start. Anthony says that they will probably be stuck there for at least a couple of days and they don't have enough food or water. Bear Grylls suddenly appears behind Ian, shaking a bottle of piss. Ian turns round and screams, 'NO!'.

Alternate Scene

When Bear Grylls suddenly appears behind Ian, shaking a bottle of piss, Ian turns around and says "OH F**K!"

Deleted Scene

When Bear Grylls tells Ian to piss in the bottle and drink it, Ian tells him to put a pen in it and do it when he really needs to. Bear lets Ian go his way by and even says that Bear himself is the expert and he could've been with hot chicks on Mount Everest.


  • "Piss" is said 13 times in this video.
  • The Otters were puppeteered the same way Ian's Cat was in Cat Soup
  • When Ian is explaining to Anthony about not watching him go, you can clearly see the crew's reflection in the car's mirror
  • On the thumbnail, Ian's bottle was yellow like urine, but in the video, it was blue.
  • El Smosh's version of this video was uploaded on Anthony's Birthday (September 16th, 2012)
  • This video is an obvious reference to the Bear Grylls / Better Drink My Own Piss meme.

Subscription ending

"Thanks for Subscribing. Mmm... Mmm... That's some good piss!"

Shut Up! opening

"Bear Grylls: It's cold! I better climb inside this whale carcass. SHUT UP!"



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