DEADLY FAST FLYING BALLS is the 120th episode of Smosh Game Bang.


The smosh crew play Lethal League. 4 people go against each other to see who is the Lethal League Champion.


The two losers will be pegged by the four winners with a huge dodge ball, one at a time.


Round 1: Joven (1) vs. Ian (2)  vs. Lasercorn (3) vs. Sohinki (4)

Round 2: Ian (1) vs. Sohinki (2) vs. Anthony (3) vs. Lasercorn (4)

Round 3: Sohinki (1) vs. Anthony (2) vs. Mari (3) vs. Lasercorn (4)

Round 4: Joven (1) vs. Mari (2) vs. Sohinki (3) vs. Anthony (4)

Round 5: Mari (1) vs. Anthony (2) vs. Lasercorn (3) vs. Joven (4)

Round 6: Joven (1) vs. Mari (2) vs. Ian (3) vs. Lasercorn (4)


1: Lasercorn (15)

2: Anthony (11)

3: Ian and Sohinki (10)

4: Mari (8)

Last: Joven (7)


  • Despite the fact that both Mari and Joven had to do the punishment, Joven got hit almost every single throw (5 of 6). The last one only hit Mari.

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