August 31, 2012

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Oishi High School Battle



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Oishi, Noodles, Mr Crawford, Dakota, Meredeath, her mom, Tetrazagon

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Cool Girls

Cutting is the eight installment of Oishi High School Battle


At chemistry, Mr. Crawford talks about how chemistry is important to our everyday lives because he thinks his classmates thought that they won't use chemistry. Meanwhile, Oishi sees a cut on Mere-Death's thinking it is the marks of battle and felt confused.

In the hallway, Dakota tells Oishi about her whitened teeth and even impresses Raif with them. Oishi noticed that Mere-Death wears all black and thinks she is a ninja or a necromancer, but Dakota said that she is a stupid goth girl. Oishi also noticed that she has the marks of battle on her arms, but Dakota said that Mere-Death also is a cutter and that she did it herself for attention. Oishi thought that Mere-Death was battling herself and walked over to her to show empathy. Oishi tells Mere-Death that she had to fight many clones of herself and feared that she is trapped in clone furnace of Hell #7 and that she is a demonic clone herself. Noodles mention that it was during Spring Break that she did it and it the worst one ever. Mere-Death tells Oishi that she cutted herself; Oishi thought Mere-Death was committing ritual suicide for honor, but couldn't finish it. Afterward, Oishi tries to help the goth girl by killing her, but Mere-Death ran away. Oishi wants to help Mere-Death with the tragic of not killing herself. Noodles was playing with a butterfly and wonders how Oishi will help.

At Mere-Death's house, Oishi rang the door bell and found the mother. Oishi tells her that she is helping the daughter take her own life, but Mere-Death's mom thought that Kawaii was talking giberish. The mother was calling for her daughter, but pronounced her name as Meredith in which the daughter corrected her. Mere-Death hates the mother and the woman was baking some cookies. Mere-Death wanted to know what Oishi wanted; Oishi was worried about Mere-Death. She was relieved at first, but Oishi completed her sentence about her ritual suicide was not happening fast enough. Oishi combines her two kunais into a sword to restore Mere-Death's honor. Oishi was going to send Mere-Death to the fiery embrace of Tetrazagon and try to make her worthy to go into the land of the dead. Mere-Death runs away from and shows the cut which spells HONDA which is probably the car the mother wanted her to have, but Oishi still tries to kill her. Mere-Death wants the mother's protection from Oishi trying to kill her, but the mother just gave advice nicely saying to them to play easy and that the oatmeal crisp is ready which Noodles jumped into the window for. Noodles ate all five of them like he was breathing heavily and the mother thought Noodles was really hungry which he always is. When Oishi kills Mere-Death, her blood splatters the left side of the window from the inside and the word Fatality is seen on the screen. Oishi was bringing Mere-Death's head in the house and Noodles tells Oishi he ate all of the cookies. Oishi was crying because she wanted a cookie after committing ritual suicide; Noodles gave Oishi a piece of a cookie which he just ate and made Oishi mad.

At the land of the dead, Mere-Death is lying down on Tetrazagon's left forearm saying that she wants an Infinity, but the mother gave her a Honda. Tetrazagon says that her worries are over since humans being in an endless void is like an insect is to a mountain. Mere-Death wanted to know if their was a Taco Bell restaurant; however, Tetrazagon said there was only one Taco Bell that only serves flies. Tetrazagon felt bad Mere-Death died young and got her an Infinity. Mere-Death thanked him, but Tetrazagon said that it is made entirely out of flies. Mere-Death felt disappointed.


  • It isn't really suicide if Oishi kills Mere-Death, it's actually murder.
  • A fatality is from Mortal Kombat, making it probably the 1st game reference in Shut Up! Cartoons.

Shut Up! Opening

You kids today with your topsy turvey talk. SHUT UP! Cartoons. Hahahaha!


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