Cute Furry Kittens


December 10, 2010

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Ian, cute furry kittens

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CUTE FURRY KITTENS is a Smosh video uploaded on December 10, 2010.

Brief Synopsis: A music video about cute furry kittens.


Yo, Smosh 2010, have your cat spayed or neutered!
Yeah, let's hit it.
Right now.

Cute, furry kittens
Snacking on my grass
I didn't know why they were there
Cute Furry Kittens Single

Single cover

So I took them into my house

That was a big mistake
And I'll tell you why
Never let a cat eat so much grass
Or they'll barf all over your place

Cute little kittens
Eat, eat, eating all your grass
Cute little kittens
Walk, walk, walking to your house
Cute little kittens
Barf, barf, barfing on your floor
Cute little kittens
Make, make, make you clean it up
Those little kittens
Are out to get you!
You better watch out
They'll kill you in your sleep!

I then took those kittens
Took them out of my house
I put my foot straight up their ass
Then I kicked them into the sky!

Those little kittens flew
right up into space
That was the last I saw of them
'cause they burned up in the sun!


  • Ian uses the same costume he used in FIRETRUCK!
  • Ian's cat, from Cat Soup, is one of the cats in the music video.
  • When the kittens are first shown vomiting due to their consumption of grass, the second kitten vomits next to a poster of Ken from Street Fighter
  • Also, when Ian is shown collecting all the kittens, when he grabs the kitten on the table a poster of Sonic is seen behind him from Inappropriate Sonic.
  • Though the music video was released in December 2010, the song itself had been on iTunes since September 2010.
  • At some random points where Ian is playing the piano, a little green man appears, dancing. It is likely Anthony.
  • By the majority of numbers of the comments, as well as having 25% of its majority being dislikes, many people consider "Cute Furry Kittens" as one of the worst Smosh videos of all time.

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