April 12, 2008

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Anthony, Ian, CPS officer, Anthony's teacher

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Crybaby is a Smosh video uploaded on April 12, 2008. In this episode, Anthony has to take care of a baby for Mr. Pondo's class, or else he will fail the class. What runs him into trouble is that he is being chased by a CPS cop who wants to confiscate his baby. Meanwhile, Ian waits at Chuck E. Cheese for Anthony.


Anthony was watching TV with a doll next to him when he hears a knock on the door. He answers the door to find Ian, who wants to hang out with Anthony. Anthony tells Ian that he can't because he has to take care of a "stupid" baby for Mr. Pondo's class. Ian scoffs and throws the baby onto the floor, causing it to cry. Anthony picks it back up and warns Ian that he has to pass the assignment or he'll fail the class. Ian asks, "It's a fake baby! What is it going to do, tell the teacher I just spiked it into the ground?" Anthony explains that the baby has sensors in it that tells when it's being neglected.

Later, Ian and Anthony were sitting on the couch, with Anthony rocking the baby and Ian impatiently asking if the baby will stop crying. Anthony explains that the baby will stop crying when he comforts it. Ian then suggests that they take out the batteries or use a switch, but Anthony still says that he has to comfort it. Ian starts to yell, "Shut up!" at the baby, causing Anthony to be protective of the baby. Ian grows frustrated and leaves.

The next morning, Anthony appears to not have slept all night. Anthony grows relieved when he sees that the baby has stopped crying. Anthony answers the door to find Ian, who is also relieved that the "psychotic robo-baby" stopped crying and asks if they want to hang out. However, Anthony is going to take the baby, now named Samuel, to Chuck E. Cheese's. Ian is surprised that Anthony even named the baby and was going to ask why when Anthony tells him that Samuel's favorite show Veggie Tales is on and slams the door on Ian.

Later, Anthony was sleeping, when a knock on the door was heard, causing Samuel to cry. Anthony looks into the peephole to find a guy from the Child Protective Services (CPS). He hides the baby before he opens the door to answer the CPS guy, who says that they've been hearing reports that a baby has been screaming all night and wanted to know that everything is okay. Anthony says that everything is fine, but the CPS guy wants a look around. Anthony takes a moment to hide the baby in a better place and then lets the CPS guy in. Everything looks fine until he notices a pink blanket. The CPS guy removes the blanket, only to find out that it's a foil shaped like a baby, causing him to show, "Damn it! Foiled again!"

Anthony runs out of the house with Samuel screaming, "You won't take my baby!" and the CPS guy starts to chase after him on a pink scooter. Anthony makes it to a park and jumps the fence. The CPS guy takes out a gun from the bag and jumps the fence. Anthony just runs right through the playground, though the CPS guy does pedaling motions with his hands and feet, slowing him down. Anthony sighs in relief that he's stalled.

Ian calls Anthony that he's at Chuck E. Cheese's and wonders when Anthony is going to be there. Anthony was about to talk, but the CPS guy stops him and fires his gun at him. Ian thinks that Anthony's watching the James Bond Marathon without him before Anthony hangs up. Anthony opens the fence and trips on a chair, causing him to drop Samuel into the swimming pool. The CPS guy climbs the fence, not even knowing about the door. Anthony manages to rescue Samuel with a net, only to have a gun at his head by the CPS guy. Anthony shoves the net on him before running away.

Anthony continues to run until he trips on yet another chair, causing Samuel's head to fall off upon impact on the ground. The CPS guy tries to check on Samuel only to find that "he's gone," all while not knowing it's a doll, and screams in despair at the loss of his goal. Mr. Pondo drives by and asks how his "favorite student" is doing, but then notices the broken baby. Mr. Pondo says to Anthony, "You failed the class!" before driving off, causing Anthony to scream, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" At Chuck E. Cheese's, Ian needed to go to the bathroom, but ends up entering the supply closet. Ian sees the costume and says, "Chuckie isn't real!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"





  • This is the first time (or only) that three characters say the same thing, all saying "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" because of something.
  • The plot of the episode in which Anthony tries to escape an antagonist that is trying to steal his crying baby is a parody of the Pixar movie Monsters Inc..
  • This video is seen in an Ian Is Bored video, Worst Japanese Dubbing Ever! where Ian translated the dialogue to the video to Japanese, then back to English and dubbed it.
  • This is the only appearance of CPS Guy in the show. He never reappeared in another video after this.
  • This video was a part of the "Smosh Speedup Sweepstakes" where the classic Smosh videos "Cat Soup," "Crybaby," and "Hardcore Max 2" were sped up, with mistakes from the original videos.
  • The Speedup Sweepstakes differences in this video include:
    • When Anthony is trying to calm the baby, a wizard is briefly seen behind the couch.
    • When Anthony looks through the peephole, a naked Ian is seen instead of the CPS cop.
    • After Anthony yells "NOOOOO!!", there is an extra scene where Benny Jean also says the same thing after he finds out that his pet flamingo is now blue.



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