March 7, 2014 (Smosh)
March 9, 2014 (El Smosh)

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Ian, his weird uncle, Barack Obama, Anthony, Tom Hiddleston, his kid, drunk old man

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Creepy Weird Nudist is a Smosh video uploaded in 2014 and is the second episode of Smosh Libs.


Ian and Anthony fashion crazy stories for each other, based on the words others suggested. It's a wild adventure full of nudists, huge ice pops, and Ian's butt.



Anthony says that they decided to create more Smosh Libs after the audience liked Horny Cellmate. Ian said they were doing it like the last time, but also said that he felt ill and puts a tissue over his nose. Ian decides to get started on the Smosh Libs. (Note: They revealed that they upgraded to cup since they hated when the Zip-lock bags were hard to find and inflated in the previous episode.)

* Only mentioned in What Happens When You Puberty, the extras to the episode.

**on the Smosh website

Bold Used in the video.

Anthony Babysits


  1. baby powder (noun)
  2. thong (noun)
  3. potato hunted (crazy adventure)
  4. Kevin Hart (Celebrity)
  5. cheesecake (food)
  6. rigorously (adverb)**
  7. Curse you Perry the Platypus! (bad cartoon catchphrase)
  8. Irish (accent)
  9. Guten tag, fellas (greeting)
  10. Tom Hiddleston (celebrity)
  11. farting (adjective)
  12. YouTuber (dirty job)
  13. 17 (number)
  14. hot potato (term of endearment)
  15. curling (weird sport)
  16. fingering (type of movement)
  17. Put your money in the bag, put it in (greeting)
  18. taco (food)*
  19. fabulous (adjective)**
  20. banana (noun)**
  21. tripod stand (noun or type of furniture)**
  22. a milky milkshake (type of drink)
  23. blue waffle (something nasty)*
  24. retarded (adjective)**
  25. strawberry Pop Tart (food)**
  26. seal (animal)*
  27. testicles (body part)
  28. douchebag (synonym for idiot)
  29. esophagus (body part)
  30. blood-covered chainsaw (tool)*
  31. hooligan (noun or mean name for someone)**
  32. fat (adjective)
  33. tomato (not mentioned before Smosh Libs)
  34. left nostril (body part)
  35. Sandra Bullock (thing in space)
  36. Dickballs (random word)

Smosh Lib

Anthony is sitting on (1) playing with his purple (2). "Wow," a crossed-eye Anthony exclaims, "this has to be more fun than that one time I (3) with (4)!" Just then Anthony gets a call from his (5) phone that he keeps hidden in his underwear for emergencies. He picks the phone up (6) and says, "(7)"

The person answers back in a poorly-done (8) accent. "(9)! This is (10)! I've got this (11) kid, and I need some dumb jerk to babysit him. Do you have any experience with (11) kids?"

Anthony thinks hard. "Well, the only job I've had before was as a (12)."

(10) answers back, "Great! I'll be there in (13) seconds you (14)."

Anthony decides to pass the time by doing (15) naked.

He then hears a ring at the door and he (16) over to the door. Anthony opens the door to find (10)'s kid standing their all alone.

"(17)," the kid says while licking a frozen (18) on a stick.

Anthony looks (19) and asks, "Where's you mom?"

The kid answers, "She was late for her job at the (20) factory. Can I come in?"

Anthony sat the kid on his (21) and Anthony gave the kid a glass of his favorite drink, (22). The kid spat it out on Anthony's face. "This tastes like (23). I'm hungry! Make me a saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalad."

Anthony looked at him weird. "Really you want a salad? I know how to make a really good (24) (25)."

The kid started to cry out like a dying (26). It got so loud and annoying that Anthony's ears and (27) started bleeding. Anthony exclaimed, "How will I ever shut this little (28) up?" He decided to make a salad out of his (29), a (30), and a tiny (31).

When (10) returned, he/she found his/her child eating the "salad". (10) freaks out and yells, "You little (32) (33)! You're the worst babysitter in the world!" (10) kicks Anthony all the way up to space where he then hits his (34) on (35). He then dies, but not before uttering his final word: (36).

Ian Gets a Call from the President


  1. regurgitates (verb)
  2. weird creepy uncle (family member)
  3. love seat (type of furniture)**
  4. tiny (adjective)
  5. bag of shitt (curse word or mean name for someone)**
  6. sensual (adjective)
  7. sexts (verb)
  8. suck (verb)
  9. huge ice pop (food)
  10. 123,456,789 (number)**
  11. Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads (inspirational movie quote)**
  12. wiggles (type of movement)**
  13. slimy cock nazi (made up insult)
  14. pencil (lame weapon)**
  15. Did you just fart; because you blew me away (bad pickup line)
  16. sucks (more legitimate tense while using word #8)
  17. poised (adjective)**
  18. attract (verb)
  19. rectum (body part)
  20. My love for you is like diarrhea; I just can't hold it in (bad pickup line)*
  21. old woman's bra (noun)**
  22. Iap dance (type of dance)
  23. Spoonful of Sugar (Disney song)
  24. dynamite (dangerous object)*
  25. cat (not mentioned before Smosh Lib)
  26. Towelie from South Park (cartoon character)**
  27. blood (type of liquid)
  28. 23 (number)

Smosh Lib

Ian (1) awkwardly with all of his clothes on in a full bath tub when suddenly he gets a phone call. It's his crazy nudist (2) who wants him and come to help him/her move a (3) to his/her new apartment. Ian lies to him/her and says, "Uh, I'm sorry, but I can't help because I am, uh helping the president of the United States to save the world!" Ian hangs up on the now angry family member, and relaxes in the bath until he gets another phone call.

A (4) "President Obama" tells Ian, "Hi, I'm President Barack Obama! I need your help you bowl-haired (5). I need you to do three very important things, or America will be destroyed!"

A (6) Ian (7) from the tub and shouts, "Of course Mr. President Barack Obama. I'll do anything you need me to."

The "president" tells him, "The first thing you need to do is (8) yourself with a (9) (10) times.

Ian tells the "president", "(11)!" and (12) out of the tub.

In the kitchen, Ian is about to (8) himself with a (9), but gets freaked out and fakes it.

The "president" screams, "Look here you (13), I have 1,000 security cameras set up in your house and I know that you're lying!" It is revealed that the "president" is now in the same room as Ian. The "president" threatens Ian with a (14).

Ian sexily says, "(15)."

The "president" angrily exclaims, "STOP TRYING TO BUTTER ME UP AND GET TO IT!"

Ian reluctantly (16) himself (10) times. The "president" watches him like a (17) creep. The "president" regains his composure. "Okay, now it's time for your second task to save humanity. You need to (18) a drunk old man with your (19)."

Ian finds a drunk old man and happily does it. "Hi you drunk stinky old man! (20)."

The "president" records it on his futuristic (21) with a camera built in. The "president" says, "Okay, and now for your final task, do a (22) while singing (23) and balancing (24) on your head."

Ian does this while the "president" dances along the corner while making (25) noises. Ian suddenly trips and drops the (24) and chops his head off. The "president" sees this and laughs like (26) then rips off a mask to reveal that he is in fact Ian's crazy nudist (2). He/She tells Ian, "You should have helped me move my (3). I had to move it to the 15th floor all by myself."

Ian cries (27) and says, "Well, I learned my lesson. If I had never lied to my family, I would still have my body and stuffs." Ian's head is then put into a box and he says, "I guess I didn't get, ahead of the situation!" He laughs at his own joke for (28) straight seconds without stopping. He then dies of hunger because he has no arms to feed himself.


Anthony thought those Smosh Libs were weirder than the previous ones and didn't think they were possible. Ian thanked the audience the suggestions which Anthony pointed out today's Smosh Libs and will use more suggestions like these. Ian decides to date a picture of Sandra Bullock while Anthony calls for the president. Anthony tries to get Ian to hand over Sandra Bullock so he can make out with the picture which he succeed.

From a previous part of the episode, Anthony mentions that the Irish can bash on him.


Creepy Weird Nudist/Script


  • Second Smosh Libs video. First was Horny Cellmate.
  • The second time Tom said "farting", the word wasn't underlined.
  • Instead of the text at the bottom showing, "he found his child..." the text read "he saw his saw his child..." . Same thing goes for when the story said "wants" and the screen read "want".
  • "Curse you Perry the Platypus!" is an obvious reference to Phineas and Ferb.
    • This is the first reference to Phineas and Ferb.
  • The second time "weird creepy uncle" and "love seat" was mentioned, the words weren't underlined.
  • In the real world, Tom Hiddleston doesn't have any kids, and he is English not Irish
  • If you look closely, You'll see black which means it was filmed that night.

Shut Up! Opening

Her blank touched my blank. It kinda felt blank. SHUT UP!



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