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Courtney Miller (originally named SmoshCourtney) is the personal channel of Smosh cast member Courtney Miller. It was created May 27, 2015, shortly after she was inducted into Smosh. At first, the channel was rarely used but Courtney has began using it much more often. The channel has over 172,000 subscribers as of October 28, 2017.

Video name Date Uploaded Views (approximate) Video


Courtney Miller Vine Compilation #1 August 13, 2015 375,000+ 2:14
Courtney Miller Vine Compilation #2 August 20, 2015 180,000+ 2:07
INTRODUCTION | Courtney Miller August 31, 2015 120,000+ 1:56
I USED TO BE A DRUG DEALER | Courtney Miller September 7, 2015 185,000+ 8:12

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