Cool Girls
Cool Girls


September 7, 2012

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12,000+ (1,890,000 as of October 24, 2015)


Oishi High School Battle



Characters Fratured:

Oishi, Noodles, Dave, Rita, some other girl, handicapped guy

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Moving Away

Cool Girls is the 9th episode of Oishi High School Battle. It was uploaded on September 7th, 2012.

This video was re-uploaded on September 7th, 2012 at about 4:30 PM EDT after it got removed for violation. (Please read "Reception" section.) The video is now only available on


When the cool girls declare the bathroom their turf, Oishi takes a stand.


Gale was giving Gigi a tattoo in the bathroom. Another girl was trying to pass them to wash her hands, but they would not let her pass and had to go to class with pee pee hands. Gale and Gigi thought they were though and Gale started giving Gigi and tattoo on her tounge. Oishi probably heard what the girls were doing while sitting on the toilet reading a magazine named, The Egotistical Squirrel Quarterly: How to Steal the Biggest Nuts!!!. As she got out of the toilet, she stood between the two bathroom stalls in the fourth front row the girls want to know what Oishi wanted which was cosmic justice. Noodles even mentioned a bucket full of smiles. Gale changed Oishi's answer by asking why she's in Gale and Gigi's turf and Oishi didn't like the girls denying her in the cleansing center. After saying that, Oishi has a stare off against Gale and Gigi for 12 seconds while also seeing the sink faucet and Noodles eating out of the trash can and lost which the viewers could tell because she fell backwards and is lying down in pain. Gigi told Oishi that she doesn't get to use the sink and Gale told her to get out.

Principal Dave asked Rita if the next appointment is by his office which she said, "Yes sir!" Dave asked Rita if the patient is the kid in the wheelchair which she responded, "No sir! Still not the kid in the wheelchair." which made Dave upset wanting to see him to see his inner beauty. When Oishi and Noodles came into the office, Dave asks her what he could do. Oishi said to Dave that two adgitaters, Gale and Gigi, of English 2A have conspire to render the bathroom unattainablely and requires a secret technique to defeat them. Dave tells Oishi doesn't need a secret technique, but wants one or she will feed him to her blade. Noodles is seen climbing on the desk file and falling back saying that he land on both of his butts. Dave thought that if she really wanted one, the technique is caring. Oishi thought that it was a weapon and who should she defeat to obtain it. David told her just to say, "How do you feel?", listen to them and care about them. Oishi was pleased to hear about the secret technique and can finally wash her hands which is probably heard that there is pee on her hands. Later, Oishi come back but this time, asking how they feel, on the inside. Upon noticing, Gale and Gigi have never been asked that before. Gale says that her father left her when she was only 2, and that her mother had a tough time taking care of both her and her sister. Often at times, she would have to do the work, and after school, seeing her mother exhausted, she would regret for showing no remorse. Gigi says about how she is deaf in her left ear after her grandfather shook her too hard. Her mother blames her for this due to her being a noisy baby, and they always shook her violently to stop, and says that the bad ear is her secret shame. They both cry, and ask if Oishi can be their friend, only to be decapitated by her engery blast. Oishi can now wash her hands, as Noodles plays with the remains.

Shut Up! Opening

"We would like to be friends, if you let us. SHUT UP! Cartoons. Hahahaha!"


This episode is ShutUpCartoon's first ever cartoon video that has been removed (or suspended forever) on YouTube.

It was removed because it had a violation of YouTube's policy on the "shocking and disgusting list."

This video was uploaded on September 7th, 2012 at about 3:30 PM eastern time (12:30 Pacific). The video got removed about less than an hour after it got uploaded.

Since this video has been removed, there is no longer any info about it execept for a couple comments on the eighth episode, "CUTTING," asking about where the 9th episode is. Replies have said that it has been removed and they were lucky enough to see it before it got removed.

About an hour later, it was re-uploaded.