Co-op Vs. Competitive Multiplayer is the sixth episode in the SmoshGames series PVP. In place of Lasercorn, this video features Davis from The Warp Zone. 

Round 1

Should all games have a multi-player mode or should certain franchises remain single-player? Multi-player (Sohinki) vs. Single-player (Davis)


  1. In this day and age, a game that costs $60 should entail more than an 8-10 hour lonely experience.
  2. The Mass Effect and Elder Scrolls series have great potential for multi-player that hasn't been fulfilled.
  • If there is a problem with developing both, then the developers should have two seperate teams that can communicate to give of two versions from the same concept. 


  1. The games that Sohinki brought up are ones where there isn't really a standout hero, more where you are playing as a part of a team already.
  2. While he agrees that they are overpriced for their replay value, he suggests that instead prices should be lowered on the single-player games.
  3. When they have to add multi-player, it takes away time and resources from developing the single-player for when you just want to pick a game and not have to worry about having someone else.
  • The production teams can't instantly materialize the money to maintain two different teams.
  • Having two team working on the same game could still create different tones and could be jarring to players.

Round 2

Which is more fun? Competitive muti-player (Davis) vs. Co-Op (Jovenshire)


  1. There is another thinking being for you to overcome rather than an A.I.
  • In team-based competitions, you still have that same vibe while attacking the other team(s).


  1. There is a kinship and general good spirit that can be shared in Co-op play.
  • Leaning back to the previous argument, Co-Op is a mode that can be added to traditionally single-player games and so has that aspect opening it to a wider range of games and genres.

Round 3

Which of these three games is the best? DOTA 2 (Sohinki) vs. Super Smash Bros. (Jovenshire) vs. World of Warcraft (Davis)


  1. Exciting and fast-paced RTS game
  2. Well-balanced
  3. Almost no luck
  4. It takes a while to learn, but is rewarding when you finally succeed.


  1. It gave us a concept that players quietly wanted.
  2. It had a single-player campaign.


  1. It offers both Co-op and Competitive fighting.
  2. Varied and relatively balanced gameplay.
  3. Plenty of solo content.


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