Claus Winklestein
His Supple Wife, Weiner
Ugly Ian Boys

Claus Winklestein is a German pimp and a non-recurring character portrayed by Anthony Padilla. He only appeared in Worst Online Date Ever! as the main antagonist.

The Character

Claus Winklestein owns an online dating site called where you can get the perfect match online or he will let you marry his supple wife. But an ugly boy named Ian didn't get any matches from the site so he complains to Claus that his site sucks because he didn't get any responses so he is demanding for his supple wife but Claus doesn't want because he loves his wife so much so he disguises himself as his wife using her clothes and go on a date with the ugly Ian boy, as he went to the weiner place he saw his supple wife on a date with Anthony and questioned her and eventually made out and leaving Ian and Anthony without dates. Claus wears a zebra stripe scarf and blue jeans, he's hair color is blonde. He also haves a german accent which leads the fact that he is german. He's Also A Contestant On Awnser Or Die.


  • He only appeared in Worst Online Date Ever!
  • He Also Appeared In Awnser Or Die. And He lost and he died.
  • He seems to be inspired by the Sacha Baron Cohen character Brüno Gehard. Both characters are similar in that they are very flamboyant, have thick German accents, have blonde bowl cuts, wear bracelets and other jewelry and dress in exadurated fashion.

    side by side


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