Chinese Monster Attacks!
Chinese Monster Attacks


November 2, 2012

Views (Approximate):



Teleporting Fat Guy



Characters Featured:

Robbie, Oliver, Big Rob, Narrator, Sheng Woo

Previous Video:

Dracula's Time Machine

Next Video:

Biggest Fear

Chinese Monster Attacks! is the third cartoon of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Teleporting Fat Guy.

Brief Synopsis: Robbie and the gang go to China, get in a fight with some ninja pirates and meet the mysterious wise man Sheng Woo.



After accidentally destroying the only other time machine on Earth, Robbie, his dad in a jar and his robot honey badger Oliver had travelled to China to search for Sheng Woo the mythical master of the Power Glove.


Tune in next time when we will see if Robbie has what it takes to become a Power Glove master if Big Rob can lay off the booze and if Oliver's tail transforms into another stupid gun.

Shut Up! Opening

If given the chance, I really think we could be friends. SHUT UP! Cartoons!


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