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March 11, 2011

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Charlie, Landlord

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Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 3.5 is the other half of the third part of the Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig Series. This episode focuses on Charlie trying to obtain his booze while the evil landlord is after Charlie as he is ordered to kidnap him and bring him to North Korea to Kim Jong-il.


Part 1

Charlie, Ian, and Anthony return from the hospital and Anthony informs Charlie he can't drink booze unless he wants to recover. Ian says if he does, he'll beat the s**t out of him again. Charlie promises him he won't try to get booze. Ian says he better not, not knowing the evil North Korean spy landlord is watching them.

Part 2

Charlie walks up to Anthony in a costume, claiming he's the booze inspector. Anthony sees through his disguise and says he's not the booze inspector. Charlie tells Anthony to prove it. To prove it, Anthony says the booze inspector is already here and points to him. The booze inspector then proceeds to smell an alcoholic beverage and says "Ah yes, this is booze, alright!" and then begins to drink it.

Part 3

Charlie is on a table with a bottle when Ian asks him what it is. Charlie says he found it in the sink. Ian picks up the bottle and smells it, it's arsenic. Charlie yells, "AW FU--" and supposedly dies with the screen showing a picture of Charlie with the inscription: In loving memory of Charlie 2009-2011. Then it cuts to Charlie alive and well saying, "Just kidding! Hahaha! [weaker tone] But I really do need to go to the hospital."

Part 4

Charlie makes an robot avatar of Ian to get the booze. As he goes in its butt, he learns that controlling the robot avatar is difficult. Charlie tries to open the cabinet, but it remains just out of reach. While this is happening, Anthony spots him but just rolls his eyes and goes about his day. As he uses a knife to try and open it, the avatar malfunctions and exits the house. The landlord arrives at the house to capture Charlie but sees the Ian avatar flipping out. He yells,"What the hell?" and Charlie turns around and launches his knife towards the landlord, impaling him.

Part 5

Ian says he is wondering something. Charlie says if it's when he will lose his virginity, but Ian disagrees and asks why Charlie is attracted to human females instead of guinea pig females. Charlie asks him if he's seen guinea pig boobs. He says no and Charlie says, " Exactly."

Part 6

The doorbell rings and Ian goes for the door. The landlord appears and knocks out Ian. He goes to Charlie and says, "You've got a meeting with Kim Jong-il!" He uses the vacuum he was given by Jong-il to try to suck Charlie in. When he realizes that Charlie is too large to fit in the vacuum hose, he complains that the hole is too small and Charlie responds with "That's what she said." The vacuum then overloads and the landlord flees. Charlie throws "Mr. Stabby" at him, but it hits an awakened Ian. The Landlord laughs at this and runs away when Anthony comes in with his pants half off. When Charlie said that the landlord is a "commie spy", Anthony then goes into rage mode because of his hate for communism. As the landlord runs away, still laughing, Anthony takes Charlie and the vacuum outside. Charlie says, "All right Anthony. Blow me!" Anthony puts a knife in Charlie's hand and puts him in the blower of the vacuum. Charlie flies away towards the landlord as the he says, "Try to catch me now you filthy little rodent!" and laughs sadistically. Then Charlie impales the landlord with the knife, ending his master's plot.

Trivia / Goofs

  • When Anthony yells, "I F***ING HATE COMMUNISM!", the rage meter reflects off the mirror.
  • When the vacuum overloads, the voice is a bad Korean accent, stating it is from Kim Jong-il. Also, it sounds like Steve from "Breaking the Habit."
  • If the vacuum is overloaded, it is impossible it can be used again. But Anthony used it right after it overloaded.
  • This is the last Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig video to be uploaded on the base Smosh channel.

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