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March 4, 2011

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Ian, Anthony, Charlie

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Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 3.5

Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 3 is a Smosh video uploaded on March 4, 2011.


Part 1

Ian and Anthony are throwing a football to each other as Charlie watches them. Anthony asks Ian how he and Antoinette are doing. Ian says she forgave him for hitting her with a beer can in the first episode as Charlie asks for the ball. Anthony says that it was an accident so she should forgive Ian. As Charlie continues to ask, Ian says they might get back together. Charlie demands the ball, but Anthony says he's too drunk to catch it. Charlie angrily threatens Anthony to give him the football, so Anthony angrily chucks the football at him, knocking him off the table.

Part 2

Ian and Anthony walk in the living room and they tell Charlie something when they catch him looking at a Playboy magazine. They all start screaming for a few seconds, but then they all look at the magazine together. Anthony says a girl in the magazine says she likes baseball and pizza and Charlie says she must love sausage pizza and he laughs. When he realizes he's the only one laughing, he yells, "Ah, f**k you guys!".

Part 3

Ian, Anthony, and Charlie give their landlord their rent and Anthony says he actually paid it on time. The landlord thanks them and he apologizes for the accident in the first episode. Charlie tells the landlord to blow him, but Ian covers it up by complimenting the landlord's wifebeater. Anthony asks, "Do you really have to beat your wife to get one of those?", but the landlord says you can beat your husband, too. He then gets a phone call and leaves. Outside, the landlord asks his caller Kim Jong-il what he wants. Jong-il asks if he has Charlie captured yet. The landlord says Ian and Anthony are always around him, so he can't. Jong-il says to kill them if he has to because he wants his "gray little talking rabbit thing" now. The landlord almost hangs up when Jong-il asks if he's going to hang up without saying goodbye, so he says bye and Jong-il air kisses him goodbye.

Part 4

The doorbell rings and Ian goes to open the door, saying it's Antoinette. He stops in front of Charlie and tells him not to "do anything funny". 15 seconds later, Ian finds Antoinette and Charlie making out. Ian gets angry at Charlie so he grabs him and he punches him against the wall. Ian and Charlie start fighting. Charlie retaliates by latching onto Ian's face and biting him. Ian pries Charlie off with a spatula, stabs him repeatedly using a knife, and throws him at Antoinette, knocking her out (again). Ian finally squishes Charlie with the Easy Step.

Part 5

At the hospital, Anthony tells Ian everything Ian did to attack Charlie. Ian hesitantly agrees and says that Charlie should've died after the first punch and laughs at him. Charlie calls him a little bitch and he attacks him again.

Part 6

The landlord gets a package (wrapped in Hannah Montana wrapping) and a call from Kim Jong-il saying he wrapped it himself. The landlord opens it and it is revealed to be a vacuum cleaner. Jong-il says it's a special device that the landlord will suck Charlie into. The landlord disagrees, saying that it even says "vacuum cleaner" right on it, but Jong-il tells him to shut up or he'll kill his family. The landlord gets scared so he agrees to shut up. Jong-il then says bye and says he loves him. The landlord is shocked, but Jong-il tries to cover it up by saying a new nuclear missile has arrived and he supposedly hangs up. The landlord then says, "All right, Charlie! Time to take a trip to North Korea!" and he laughs evilly, with Jong-il laughing as well (leading to a small awkward moment).

Ending Quotes

"Will Charlie get kidnapped by the evil landlord?"

"Will he recover from his injuries?"

"Will Ian ever see boobs in real life?"

"All these questions (except for the last one) will be answered in next weeks episode!"


Coming soon!

Trivia / Goofs

  • This is the second video to feature Kim Jong-il, and the last video that feature him, because this video marks his last appearance in the franchise.
  • A stuffed animal was used as a stunt double wherever Charlie would've been hurt if he'd been used in real life.
  • Ian uses the Easy Step prop to beat up Charlie.
  • Antoinette looks very different from her previous appearances, using makeup.
  • Unlike "Breaking the Habit," Jong-il can move his eyes in this episode.
  • Because of the clicking sound, Charlie was apparently fapping.
  • This is the only Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig video where Charlie doesn't stab anyone with his knife (Mr. Stabby).



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