Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 2
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May 7, 2010

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Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig

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Ian, Anthony, Charlie

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Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 2 is the sequel to Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig.


Part 1

Ian and Anthony are eating cereal. Anthony asks about the chocolate chip chunks in corn flakes, and Ian says it tastes like guinea pig poop. Charlie is sitting nearby and begins snickering. Anthony realizes that Charlie pooped in their cereal and spits it out. Charlie bursts in laughter. However, Ian continues to eat the cereal, much to Anthony's disgust.

Part 2

Charlie is seen yelling "booze" constantly. Anthony walks in and tells Charlie to shut up because he's doing yoga. Charlie tells him he won't shut up until he "gets some frickin' booze!" Ian explains that he wants Charlie to sober up for an upcoming audition and that, if he doesn't nail it, they would have to pay for his rent. However, Charlie says that if he sobers up, he'll shoot lasers from his eyes. Ian and Anthony don't believe him, and then Charlie threatens to chop their balls off if they don't get him some booze.

Part 3

Charlie is at his audition. There are three other people at the table, and one of them tells him to show that he is "a cute, furry, talking creature." One of the people at the table holds up a sock puppet and begins talking to Charlie. Charlie plays along at first, but when the puppet asks if he wants to "go play hopscotch and listen to the Jonas Brothers," he snaps. He then starts rapping (with a lot of swearing and two sexy females dancing behind him), which horrifies two of the people. (The man on the very right really enjoys it) After Charlie is done rapping, the guy in the middle tells him he's "not a good fit for Disney," but Charlie throws a knife at him.

Part 4

Charlie asks if Ian wants to hear a funny sound. Ian says yes, and Charlie proceeds to make the funny noise. Ian is impressed, and joins in with Charlie. Charlie and Ian continue to make the sound for the rest of the segment.

Part 5

Ian and Anthony are walking and having a discussion, when they suddenly hear a ruckus coming from Charlie's room. Anthony asks if Charlie is drunk, but Ian says Charlie hasn't had any alcohol for a week. Realizing Charlie's sober-laser-shooting-eyes, they both rush to Charlie's room, where Charlie is shooting lasers from his eyes. Charlie reminds them of his warning earlier. He destroys a lot of the room, until the guy from the audition shows up again. He says he'll sue Charlie for stabbing him, but Charlie shoots him with a super-charged laser blast.

Charlie's Rap

During this video, Charlie sang this song to show the people about a real audition.

"My name is Charlie. I f*ck up the f*cking day!

All these stupid poofs, better stay out of my f*cking way!

I'm blowing up like the Mt. Vesuvius. I say f*ck you, f*cking f*cker if you tell me not to cuss!


  • During Charlie's audition, the man in the middle is the same guy who plays The Landlord. This is also the only Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig video where the Landlord does not appear.

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